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Sometimes it’s not about adding more things to your list…

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Taking a Social Media Time Out

Taking a Social Media Time Out

I’m Taking A Social Media Time Out From 140 Character Posts To FaceBook, LinkedIn And Twitter.

My unique abilities are coaching, speaking and writing.

Just at the moment I’m at near capacity with coaching and the writing that is required for multiple 2015 MDRT New Orleans deadlines that include speaking presentation bio, transcription, book and tradeshow booth. This is on top of the creative work that is required for upcoming speaking dates.

That said,  I’m not easily finding the voice to create 140 character posts for FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter just now so I’m taking a social media time out from my daily posts to same.

Here is the cover of The Inspirational Tipping Point Financial Services Edition Book.

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Achieving Success in Any Economy Speaking Testimonials from NAIFA Portland Winterfest, February 6th, 2015

“Simon “fleshed out” a process that has been around for some time but also offered a very practical approach to how to use it!” Christopher Boon

“I didn’t expect that you would speak my language. Thank you. It had ‘Deep Thinking’ – I’ve been working to improve my process and now I have some more changes.” Rachel Novak Broad River

“Discovered I’m getting my needs meet from anyone/thing but myself. I liked the unmet need concept, doing vs being, automated hiring system and the creating content on LinkedIn.” Kim Kelly Oregon Insurance Lady

“It had great questions and explanation of the difference between motivation and inspiration.” Joshua Tomeoni Broad River

“Simon was very clear and specific with new information and actions to do.” Garry Liday Garry F. Liday Corp & Retirement Asset Managers Inc.

“I liked the tie to worthiness vs sustainable performance and that this could drive the lack

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NAIFA Portland – NW Oregon Winterfest February 6, 2015

NAIFA Portland - NW Oregon Winterfest February 6, 2015

Thankful for the opportunity to join these esteemed speakers at NAIFA Portland – NW Oregon Winterfest, Friday, Feb. 6, 2015: K. Roya Behbehani, Ben Davis, Mary Corrigan, John F. Nichols, MSM, CLU, Mark Rosenbaum, Roger W. Beyer & Jill Judd, LUTCF, FSSm William J. Clark, Daniel O. Corrigan.

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The Inspirational Tipping Point Testimonials from NAIFA Greater Washington & NAIFA North Virginia Kick Off Event January 15th, 2015

“Great language around referral and client feedback. Realized I need to plan – haven’t been for a long time.” Matthew Grace First Financial Group

“It was a fresh perspective on current beliefs and an opportunity to take a step forward.” Kevin Jones Jones Mead and Associates

“I’m starting to get an understanding of inspiration versus motivation.” Julia Catuara Catuara & Bell Inc

“Simon touches me as being the real deal, the enthusiasm of Mr. Reilly and the short, focused ideas and solutions. He shares a way to eliminate the ‘stuff’, provides validation of the written plan, and I liked the concept that that our thoughts are real, we make them real.” Joseph L. Davis The Living Capital Group

“The information, the process and the simplicity of what can happen when you have a plan is what I liked best.” Demetrius Doss Capital Financial Partners

“I enjoyed the simplicity but importance

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Three Tips To Create A Stronger Working Relationship With Your Spouse

Three Tips To Create A Stronger Working Relationship With Your Spouse

Laura and I work with clients that often times work with their spouses.

Laura and I have toyed with the idea of creating a company called Working Couples-We Make Couples Work given that we are in a loving relationship and have been working all alongside of each other going into our 12th year.

Here are three tips that we share with our clients to help them create a stronger working relationship with their spouse:

Think back to when you first met your spouse and write down everything that you love / loved about them; characteristics, mannerisms, skills, talents etc. The next step is write down how this exercise makes you feel about them. Take this one step further and send your spouse a card with something like; I remember when we first met and these are all of the things that are attractive about you; ______, ______, ______ &

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NAIFA Washington DC & North Virginia 2015 Kickoff

NAIFA Washington DC & North Virginia 2015 Kickoff

Honoured To Speak At The January 15 NAIFA Washington DC & North Virginia 2015 Kickoff.

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