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Breathe New Life Into Your Business and Yourself

Breathe New Life Into Your Business and Yourself

February 2016 is well underway and you have completed your:

  • 5 Year Vision
  • 2016 Business and Marketing Plan complete with Monthly Scorecards and Progress Reports
  • Yearly Budget Cash Flow Spreadsheet that includes Sales Activity Calculator
  • 2016 Time Management Plan
  • Flow charts, Job Descriptions and Procedures for all areas of your business
  • Hiring new team members

All of the above is completed, right?

Imagine what your business and professional life would look like with the above noted bullet points completed.

So, Why Not?

Could it be you are too busy doing the same things over and over again expecting different results?

Raise Your Awareness

  • Your success in 2016 and beyond is not about doing more, it is about being more aware.
  • Awareness of being is supported by deep breathing sessions from the belly right through the heart.
  • Awareness of being through deep breathing will allow you to
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    Understanding A Complicated Statistician Vs A Value Added Advisor

    Understanding A Complicated Statistician Vs A Value Added Advisor

    Become a Value Added Advisor

    The slide is a benchmark of the 6 strongest values of the strongest advisors in North America.

    Going from left to right, the first value score that we’re looking at is:

    Theoretical. The red one. And so High Theoretical indicates an interest in knowledge and information — an interest in life insurance and an interest in money.

    The next score is the yellow one — is Utilitarian value which is an interest in money, time, what am I getting out of my assets so to speak and return on investment.

    The next one, the purple one is Aesthetics — an appreciation for art, architecture, fashion, nature and design.

    The next one is Social – people.

    The next one, the black one, is Personal Power, Inner Strength.

    And the last one, the silver or grey one, is Traditional — how one follows the rules.

    This benchmark

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    When The Markets and Your Clients Are Freaking Out

    When The Markets and Your Clients Are Freaking Out

    China, commodities, currencies, Iran, oil, stocks – up, down, up, down, up, down and if you have been watching the markets in January 2016 you and your clients may be sensitive to an up and down mood.

    As a financial advisor the number one value that you can offer right now is listening.

    First of all, get offline.

    Take some time out to listen to yourself and to the truth about the value that you have provided to your clients over the years.

    The truth that you work with your clients to help them to create a plan, to grow assets, to protect assets, to save tax and to leave a lifelong legacy and that value has been received by your clients from you over the last ten, twenty and even thirty years because the value that you provide is long term.

    Your value is not about the up

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    Team Meetings: An Essential Part of the Process

    Team Meetings: An Essential Part of the Process

    I talked about Emptying Your Mind, I talked about highlighting what you love to do, and I suggested everything that wasn’t highlighted was helping you to set the stage to be able to hire an assistant so that you can get the support that you require. So, in order for that to become real, we’ve got to write that down in the form of an action plan. So, the action plan is to hire an assistant or an associate advisor by May 31st, 2016. We write it down, we make a commitment, and then we’ll start taking the necessary actions to be able to move ourselves forward to be able to help to create that result going forward.

    The next is you’ve got to increase your team meetings. So, a sample action plan would be increase team meetings — reviews — from 2 to 4 per year by December 31st,

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    New Year Associate Review, Renew, and Redo

    New Year Associate Review, Renew, and Redo

    January is a great time of year for an Associate Review, Renew, and Redo by way of a Review Meeting.

    NOTE: The below steps are based on the assumption that you have pre-prepared written Job Descriptions and/or have a written Contract/Agreement for your Associate.

    Step 1: Prepare in Advance

    • Identify the top three strengths of each Associate
    • Identify the top three improvements of each Associate
    • Identify the top three incompletions of each Associate

    (The above is so that you can share them with the Associate in the Review Meeting.)

    Step 2: Send an Associate Email



    (This is a seamless way to set up the Review)

    Subject line: Review

    Dear Associate (personalize this with their name),

    Happy New Year!

    In order to help you and the company meet and exceed goals for 2016 I believe it’s time that we completed your Review.

    I would like to

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    Empty Your Mind

    Empty Your Mind

    What I do is I use Microsoft Excel, and now I am using Dragon Dictation. There was a time when I would type out everything that was on my mind. I am a big journaler; I still use the written process today and I travel a lot, so I am in and out of airports. Wifi is not necessarily available to me all the time, and a journal and a pen is a lot quicker in my situation then texting. I need to empty my journal — I need to Empty My Mind:

    • I need to stop
    • I need to review emails
    • I need to review files
    • I need to review the journal
    • I need to get it out of my mind all in one place, all on one massive list, so I can create space to be able to make some better decisions and actually some better thought
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      Have a Happy Holiday Season

      Have a Happy Holiday Season

      As the Holiday Season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and on those who have helped us shape our business.

      We value our relationship with you and look forward to working with you in the year to come.

      We wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a New Year filled with Peace and Prosperity.

      Laura & Simon Reilly and the Team at Leading Advisor


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