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2017 Membership Workshop Comments From NAIFA Florida, Illinois and Indiana

Simon Reilly | July 26, 2017 | Filed: NAIFA

Membership Workshop

It Saturday, July 22 and Laura and me are enroute from Denver to St. Louis via Minneapolis. We are on our way to The Lake Of The Ozark’s for the NAIFA Missouri State Conference where I will be delivering a membership workshop for the NAIFA Missouri Board on Monday followed by presenting The Inspirational Tipping Point to the State Conference Attendees on Tuesday.

This is the 2nd 3:45am wake up this week, so this blog is brief.

The first 3:45am wake up was flying Vancouver / Denver via Salt Lake Wednesday, July 19th to deliver a membership workshop for the NAIFA Colorado Board Thursday followed by presenting The Inspirational Tipping Point Friday on Copper Mountain.

We will be getting a well deserved day off on Sunday at The Lake Of The Ozark’s.

Thank you to NAIFA Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri for the opportunity to deliver membership workshops and to present The Inspirational Tipping Point at NAIFA State Conferences June/July 2017.

Here are a few comments from attendees from NAIFA Florida, Illinois and Indiana.

NAIFA Testimonials

“Getting focused by working from the inside out. I had a great ‘aha’ moment, realizing the difference between motivation vs. inspiration”

Jeffrey Bauermeister
Bauermeister Consulting

“The connection between the values I hold to be important and how they impact my prospects, clients and business relationships. A greater understanding of how my internal fear/objections impact my referral and prospecting opportunities”

Jonathan R Dierlam
Rick Watkins Financial Services, LLC

“Simon gave us a great step by step process to identifying my feelings, beliefs and goals. The ability to realize the difference between motivation and inspiration…..understanding that 90% is about WHY”

Maureen Bobilya
New York Life Insurance Company

“Simon’s questionnaire and script to help recruit members is excellent!”

Osa Winter
Florida School of Insurance

“I loved Simon’s personal story about his family and the authenticity of your successes and failures. The importance of the ‘be’ over the ‘do in life and business”

Celine Pastore
Simple Path Retirement

“He provided me with the possible solutions to problems I did not think could be overcome”

Robert Decker
Maggi Investments and Services, LLC

“Opening my mind to thinking about the ways to rid myself of negative self talk affecting my business. Simon’s presentation offers so many strategies that both play a role in my business and with NAIFA” 

Jesse Barge
Northwestern Mutual

“Simon allowed us to dig deep into what makes us do the things we do. Very values based approach. Material I can use for both my personal life and my business”

Dennis Dean
Strategic Financial Group

“Simon offers a clear strategy for success and the importance of the ability to focus on what’s important”

Rodrigo Menendez
State Farm Insurance

Value based recommendations instead of focusing on processes. Simon gives me confidence in the work that I do, that we do”

Dennis M Dean
Strategic Financial Group

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