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7 Steps Of Self Compassionate Time Management In Advance Of #GAMA #LAMP 2019

Simon Reilly | March 15, 2019 | Filed: GAMA LAMP, Time Management

Preparing to speak twice at the March 2019 GAMA LAMP Conference has required extra energy, focus, rest, space and time. It has been truly inspiring! Look for more on this in future posts.

My Solutions Session and Thought Leadership Presentations will include offering these understandings about;

  • Mindset – based upon a set of values and beliefs. The challenge is, most people don’t know the difference between a value and an unmet need. Inspiration is fueled by values, positive feels and positive beliefs; motivation is fueled by unmet needs, negative emotions and negative beliefs. The law of attraction is absolute.
  • Mindful – accepting current emotions and feelings. The challenge is, in the endless and unsustainable pursuit of staying high on motivated doing, most people deny themselves the self-compassionate space to be, to accept current emotions and feelings. To accept is to love.
  • Self-compassion – self-kindness, common humanity combined with being Mindful.

Just now I’m deeply breathing, beyond mindset, through to mindfulness and self-compassion:

  1. Giving heartfelt thanks after making a huge difference speaking on March 5 at Advocis Hamilton, my 39th Advocis speaking presentation.
  2. Giving my body and brain self-compassion – in a no body / no brainer, as I am not my body and not my brain, being the victor versus the victim – on Tuesday March 5th on a delayed return flight from Toronto to Vancouver, missing my next flight home, rebooking… breathing… arriving late… breathing… and arriving home at 12:30 am Pacific / 3:30 am Eastern… breathing… that’s nearly the same as Monday, or was it Sunday? The price of living in the wilderness 🙂
  3. Giving my body and brain additional self-compassion – in another no body / no brainer – after a delayed Vancouver to Toronto flight on Sunday March 3rd, resulting in a late 4am ET arrival at my Hamilton hotel.
  4. Writing points 2 & 3 are offered only as an example of the victimized body combining with the victimized brain sharing their victimized stories about how the body and brain love to perpetuate being a victim versus being the infinite victor of one’s experience of paradise on earth.
  5. But wait there is more. Heartfelt thanks to Amie and Laura for organizing my calendar so Monday March 4th and Wednesday March 6th are Buffer Days, meaning I have no client appointments on Buffer Days.
  6. So while it was not my intention, I slept till 11 am on Monday and I’ll be sleeping in on Wednesday, March 5th.
  7. I’m passing the writing over to our wonderful clients.
Laura Davis
Laura DavisCountry Financial
Anchorage AK
I have very supportive friends and family, but their opinions are usually biased when it comes to me reaching my goals. Simon has an uncanny ability to boil the issues down and provide me with direct advice on my next steps. The structure of the program brings focus to what I actually want to achieve, the reasoning on the WHY I want to achieve my goals, and the homework helps get me there by making me accountable to put my goals into action! I didn’t expect old issues that I thought I’d dealt with in the past to come up, but the personal insight into realizing these were still boundaries for me was incredible. To know these insights has brought more inner peace and strength. I’m now able to develop those pieces I’ve simply tolerated unknowingly, into strengths! Without following the program, these would have kept me stuck. I look forward to continuing to meet and exceed all expectations and know that the goals and expectations I place upon myself are the most important.
Gus de la Fuente
Gus de la FuenteGus de la Fuente Wealth Management Inc. – Freedom55 Financial
Kanata ON
It has been absolutely nothing short of remarkable how much has changed in my life and in my business, in the short time that I have been working with Simon. It truly has been the best investment I have made in my life. Through the incredible conversations with Simon and the assignments I have completed, which have allowed me to delve deep into my inner self, my entire outlook on life and business has been dramatically shifted and I am a much better person for it. I truly appreciate everything Simon has taught me and I feel prepared to face whatever the future may hold in the best way possible. Not only has working with Simon improved all aspects of my life, but I have also made a dear friend in the process.
Shannen Fisher
Shannen FisherThierman Financial
Prince Albert SK
The Leading Advisor Coaching Program got to the heart of everything I was dealing with. My goal has been to grow my network with positive influential mentors who can provide their experience, insight and practices to help me to create a strong vision for the future. Simon has given me the exact positive perspective I’ve been looking for. I continuously look forward to my one-on-one call with Simon where he perfectly articulates the in-articulable things in life and creates them into step by step actions that so clearly make sense. The learnings I gained from working with Simon will make a huge positive impact on my business and life going forward.

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