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Kimberly Black’s Bio

Kimberly BlackKim has over 30 years experience with computers. She has developed software for tank part management systems, document management systems, criminal activity tracking systems. Her client list has included the US Army, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Shell Oil and Hyundai. She’s developed software for large computer systems through smart phone applications.

Kim began developing websites in the early 1990s. In 1991 she became a computer consultant, assisting clients with software and website development as well as automating marketing and customer relationship management systems.

Kim has worked with us since 2004 on our websites, the blog, videos, marketing and newsletters. Kim is a mother of five children, and a grandmother of four. She lives in California with her husband, teenage son, two dogs and a cat. She can be reached at moc.k1563676247calby1563676247lrebm1563676247ik@mi1563676247k1563676247

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