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Leading Financial Advisor Training, Coaching and Speaking - About Laura ReillyLaura gained her management and operations experience from working in the hospitality industry with The Shangri-la Group. While working within a large hotel, she quickly identified that each department is run like an independent business. Laura gained invaluable experience in the areas of finance, hiring, conflict resolution, computer systems, marketing, customer relations, customer service, employee management and event.

After seven years with The Shangri-la Group, Laura was approached to join a hospitality consulting company based out of Atlanta, GA., 2 Places At 1 Time. She worked several positions during her four years with the company, as a Client Relations Manager, Recruiting Consultant, and Implementation Specialist, gaining immeasurable experience.

Working from her home based office in Vancouver, she tele-commuted with her colleagues, clients and employees situated throughout North America. Often “on the road” three weeks out of a month traveling extensively, Laura wore many hats. From recruiting, hiring and training new hires, to writing training manuals and preparing marketing materials, from presentations to existing and potential clients, to nurturing existing client relationships and attending to their needs, and implementing service to new clients, all the while managing up to 40 employees at a time. During her tenure, her client list included: 3 Com Corporation, Accenture, Arthur Andersen, Ceridian, El Paso Energy, Enron, Ernst & Young, Genentech, General Electric, McKinsey & Co., PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Scotiabank.

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