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Simon Reilly is an international values and behavioural analyst, business coach, speaker, and author with 30 years of experience in the personal development industry combining extensive research and study in the areas of values & behaviours analysis, inspiration & motivation, leadership, change management, vision & business planning, team building and sales & marketing. Simon has 25,000 + hours of one on one telephone personal and business coaching experience.

Simon founded Leading Advisor Inc. in 1997 serving the financial services profession. Simon presents his one-on-one coaching, speaking and workshops to help financial advisors and their teams reach and exceed their goals in any economic climate. Simon goes beyond the mechanics of success when working with a client, and pulls back the curtain and allows his clients to really understand what holds them back from realizing their goals. His insights help his clients identify and release their “Unmet Needs” driven self-limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs and emotions so that they can realize their True Values, positive beliefs and positive feelings so that they may reach the levels of success they dream of. Simon is the author of “Curing The Unmet Needs Disease”, and is currently writing his new book called “The Inspirational Operating System”.

“The Inspirational Operating System” is the core to the following seven areas of business management;

  1. Inspiration
  2. Vision / Plan
  3. Information & Time Management
  4. Delegation, Hiring, Team Building
  5. Financial Controls
  6. Marketing & Sales
  7. Customer Service

Over the past 10 years, Simon has spoken to thousands of advisors across Canada and the USA at hundreds of financial advisor conferences and webinars including NAIFA (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) 2011 National Conference in Washington, DC, the Million Dollar Round Table 2010 Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC, main stage at Great West Life, Great American Advisors, Hub Financial, Insurance Network of America, Legacy, Lincoln Investment Planning, London Life, National Insurance Marketing Executives, Portfolio Strategies, PPI Solutions and Sun Life Conferences, 30 NAIFA Chapter & State Conferences and 20 Advocis Chapters coast to coast. His presentations have been approved for CE Accreditation under the new 2010 Advocis / CLU guidelines. Simon is a member of both Advocis and NAIFA. In April of 2013, Simon was honoured to speak at the TEDx Powell River inaugural event.

Simon has been selected to be a Focus Session speaker at the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Annual Meeting, June 14 to 17, 2015, in New Orleans and click here for Simon Reilly Speaking in a City Near You.

Simon’s Values are encouragement, sense, understanding, venture and wisdom. His Vision is to help people feel fulfilled through the development, realization and enactment of their values, vision, mission and purpose. His Mission is to help people to wholeheartedly engage in and deliver their best talents. Simon’s Purpose is to seek and deliver wisdom, enhance understanding and provide encouragement to those he serves.

Simon and his wife Laura are a successful working couple who live, work and play in Parksville, BC Canada where they enjoy the endless beauty of their surroundings on Vancouver Island through beach walks, hiking, cycling, and kayaking interspersed with a love of yoga, reading and movies.

“I was very pleased with Simon’s presentation.  He has fantastic energy and his material is very well packaged. His material is a mix of old and new, and certainly has the most complete and informative material, and he is the best presenter that I have seen deliver to our MGA in the last 24 months. He delivered value and excited the crowd. Simon delivered exactly what I expected, and I was pleased to see the number of people who responded by purchasing his book, that shows me that having Simon speak was a huge success.

Michael Williams, BFG Financial Inc.,  President (2010) Toronto, ON

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