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The Only Thing To Accomplish For 2018 & Beyond, Is You

Simon Reilly | December 6, 2017 | Filed: Unmet Needs

At the heart of you is your being, your soul, and infinite possibilities.

Yet, there is a part of your mind called the amygdala that has you believing that you are not enough.

This exhibits itself in the business world as not enough approval, control, energy, money, perfection, power, recognition, security or time. At the core of all of this is the amygdala’s addiction to the Unmet Need for worthiness which dominates any value that you assume that you have.

As you prepare for 2018 working on your vision and goals, I’m here to remind you and appeal to your heart that there is no planning, time or delegation system that will help you to realize your vision and exceed your goals, because your amygdala has you believing that you are not enough, that you are worthless. The duplicitous amygdala not only creates the false belief that you are worthless but has you motivated to prove that this is not true, only to create the same thing over and over again, as you work very, very hard, all the while believing that you are worthless. The amygdala will not allow you to realize your success as any success will still be deemed by the amygdala to be worthless.

Have you had enough of struggling with the amygdala and its Unmet Needs, negative emotions and negative beliefs?

Are you ready to accept that what is learned by the amygdala only rearranges a false reality and, through this, the change that your heart has been seeking is unsustainable?

Are you ready to disregard your amygdala and listen to your heart, your soul, to realize the infinite possibilities that are meant for you to accomplish in 2018 and beyond?

Are you ready to release the control of the amygdala, to accept its resistance to the mystery, to accept confusion for a little while, and focus on the truth?

Would it be worth having a conversation about what’s working in your business, what’s not, what you should do about it and in what order?


November, 2017
Karen Rutledge
Karen Rutledge Ins. Agency inc.
Joplin, MO

I’ve always wanted to be the person that people could rely on for structure and to be a source in helping them get over whatever hurdles they have in their lives. Through a few coaching sessions, I have come to the realization that I am in the position right now both personally and professionally to be this source of structure to help others reach and exceed their goals. Above all else, the coaching program has helped me to stay focused. Stay focused on appreciating myself and appreciating others. Although I have received value from all of the assignments and accountability so far in my coaching program, my favorite tool is the Clean Sweep. This resource is one of the most direct activities I have seen to keep a person focused on removing chaos in our world today and carve the space to focus on items that truly matter, building a successful business and personal foundation.



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