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Ambiverted, Extroverted & Introverted Project Management

Simon Reilly | September 20, 2017 | Filed: Time Management

ambivert, extrovert project management

It’s Saturday, September 16, 2017 and Laura and I are returning from a speaking trip to Denver and Nashville after speaking at NAIFA Colorado South Metro on September 12 and NAIFA Nashville on September 15.

Last week’s blog was entitled, Thought Leading Strategies To Get On The Phone & Book More Appointments – Introverted Behavioral Time Management

I’m segueing off of last week’s blog and talking about Introverted Project Management.

The attached picture from a DISC (Dominance, Influencing, Steadiness, and Compliance) Behavioral Assessment Descriptors Page demonstrates the Characteristics of the;

  • Extrovert – Dominance and Influencing
  • Introvert – Steadiness and Compliance

Please note the generalizations;

  • In the Steadiness Column, Introverts are Steady & Stable.
  • In the Compliance Column, Introverts are Accurate & Balanced.

In most cases, Ambiverts like to work from a top to bottom list, cross the T’s and dot the I’s, do one thing at a time, do it well and work best when working in a managed environment where varying priorities are pre-set in advance. In other words, Ambiverts can have a tendency to not prioritize.

My Behavioral Style is that of an Extroverted Ambivert. An Extroverted Ambivert is a combination of both the Extrovert and the Introvert. In my case I have the Extroverted Characteristics of Ambitious, Driving and Pioneering and the Introverted Characteristics of Accurate, Exacting and Systematic. For my Extroverted Ambivert Behavioral Style, it is best for me to take the time to be Accurate with a prioritized list, before Driving, as what I may be driving towards, may not be prioritized.

I was reflecting on Ambiverted, Extroverted & Introverted Project Management as Laura and I were driving around the fast-paced highway system of the booming metropolis of Nashville September 12 – 16.

behavioral project management

Consider this when thinking of your weekly business journey;

  • Would you ever consider just getting in your car without a roadmap (or plan), driving 60 mph while unfamiliar routes are coming at you without warning?
  • Without a business roadmap of sorts, that allows you to think a week, two weeks or a month ahead about what is coming up, you may be putting yourself at risk of a business wreck or ‘fatality’?

Whether you are Ambiverted, Extroverted & Introverted, before driving out on the fast-paced business highway system at the beginning of the week, it is important to look at your business plan, or at a minimum, look at the following list of business areas to prompt you and ask yourself, what deadlines are coming up in a week, two weeks or a month so that you can start planning your business route to eliminate creating a business wreck or fatality.

  • Customer Service
  • Delegation / Team Building
  • Marketing
  • Office
  • Product Development
  • Sales
  • Systems / Technology
  • Vision / Plan

Thank you NAIFA Nashville for the opportunity to add value to NAIFA Nashville and to experience the charm of one of the most fun cities that Laura and I have experienced in the USA. We absolutely loved the Grand Ole Opry where we saw the following extraordinary artists;

Grand Ole Opry – September 13, 2017

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