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Thought Leading Strategies To Get On The Phone & Book More Appointments – Introverted Behavioral Time Management

Simon Reilly | September 13, 2017 | Filed: Time Management

It’s 2:30pm Sunday September 10, 2017 and Laura and I are enroute to speak at NAIFA Denver South Metro on Tuesday, September 12 and NAIFA Nashville on Friday, September 15. This trip is a reboot so to speak as we were to leave last Tuesday to Exhibit and Speak at the 2017 NAIFA P+P Conference in Orlando. May all of our family and friends be safe and out of harms way from Hurricane Irma.

Before I get into Introverted Behavioral Time Management, I want to say that this is the maiden voyage of my new Microsoft Surface that has a full suite of new Apps and Software and includes many favourites such as Dragon Dictation, Microsoft Office365, Microsoft OneNote and SimpleMind. I have been waiting nearly 40 years for the Microsoft Surface. Finally, a laptop/tablet that runs Windows, has character recognition, a stylus pen, voice recognition; that is not a toy. I’ll continue writing about my experience in the series called; Are You Digitally Balanced Or Bankrupt? 

The attached picture from a DISC ( Dominance, Influencing, Steadiness and Compliance ) Behavioral Assessment Descriptors Page demonstrates the Characteristics of the;

  • Extrovert – Dominance and Influencing
  • Introvert – Steadiness and Compliance

Introverted Behavioral Time Management

Simon: Alright, let’s talk about Time Management.  I’m looking at your Assessment and so you have an extremely interesting Assessment in that you have this Steadiness Compliance and I’m going to go over to the Descriptors Page, and so look at this, steady, stable, consistent.  The compliance side, accurate.  Well, what are you being asked to do?  It’s like, ‘You need to get on the phone!’  You need to get over here into driving and ambitious and pioneering and strong-willed mode, never mind being steady, stable, and accurate. Well, it’s a complete contradiction in a sense to you. 

Client:  Right.

Simon:  So, what you’ve got to do, and this isn’t rocket science; It comes into what I call Empty Your Mind;  I’ll send you the white paper on it, it is getting everything off your mind. I’m going to ask you to pretend that your day starts at 1:00 pm or 3:00 pm.  Meaning, so that we’ve got to give your style a chance to Empty its Mind and give yourself that afternoon time to get those things that your behavioral style here of Steadiness and Accuracy is going to want to take care of and start getting those things off of your list in the afternoon, with the intention, so you’re telling yourself, I’m getting everything taken care of so that I got a clean slate that next morning and I’m not going to be doing anything other than between 9:00 and 11:00 doing the phoning.

Client: Exactly.

Simon: It’s anticipating it in advance because the other way, if you think about it, if you don’t do that in the afternoon, ok, well it’s going against your nature, and so then when you don’t do it, well your nature is going to go in the beginning of the day, ok we want to be steady, we want to be consistent and we want to be accurate. Then an old sales training voice says; ‘Never mind that stuff!  Get on the phone!’ Well, it just doesn’t work. So you have to start your phoning day the afternoon before at 2pm. Decide what’s coming up tomorrow as far as emails, phone calls, errands, that kind of stuff that I need to do here, right, to be able to be consistent and steady so that I got a clear shot between 9:00 and 11:00.  Ok, after 11:00, you got it done!  You got the big heavy boulders lifted out of the way for the day.  Now, sidebar, forgive me, I didn’t ask you what your best phoning time slot is.  When do you do your phoning?

Client:  So, right now it’s on my calendar from 9:00-10:30 and that’s …

Simon:   So, we’re on the same page?

Client:  Definitely. I mean, you said 9:00-11:00 and that’s because that’s what in essence we’re told – to phone between 9 and 10, so I have it as an appointment in my calendar and I’d say Simon, one day out of the week I truly honor that and it’s because of what you just said.

C:  Sure and look at, now you understand yourself so now we can get rid of the beating oneself up for that.

Client:  Yes, and that’s what I do then. Most definitely.

Simon:  Now, who are you phoning?

Client:  People.

Simon:  What type of people?

Client: I would say, the people I enjoy phoning the most, like the people I’m phoning are referrals, so new appointments is the category.

Simon:  What do these people do?

Client:  So the niche of the people that I enjoy working with the most are younger professionals that are around my age and then I’ve enjoyed working some in the medical market. But that’s something else that I feel I need to get more clear on Simon, is who do I really really really enjoy working with the most?

Simon:  We’re going to get to that.  This is a segmentation process.  Burn off a list of your clients.  Cut and paste it into Excel, maybe it’s in Excel already, but anyway, create a column.  So, what’s the profession of these folks? Right?

Client:  Yep.

Simon:  So, you want to get them into an Excel document or some method of managing them to put some user defined fields in.  So, Profession is one.  You could put in also a column about what do you like about them?  And another column, as far as how well are they networked with respect to association, family, church, and look at the list that way.  I believe with some analysis that is going to give you a deeper understanding of who it is that you want to talk with.  Where I’m heading with this is, it sounds like they are entrepreneurial, they’re professional, in some way shape or form and when are those folks likely to be able to answer the phone and be able to get this done earlier?  If you phone at 7:30, guess who is going to answer the phone?

Client:  Those people.

Simon:  You might be able to frankly reduce your phoning time, because you’re phoning at a better time of day. Yeah, I know it’s early and it sucks, but there’s a possibility that they’re going to be there.  You see, by 9:00, what are those people doing by 9:00?

Client:  Busy. They’re busy.

Simon: They’re rolling. Now, Monday morning.  Would I phone?  There’s some styles that would, but Monday morning, they’re just, they’re rocking it.  They’ve got stuff going on.  Tuesday morning?  Hmmm, they’d be more inclined to want to give me a few minutes, right?

Client:  Sure.

Simon: Not interrupting their space. Now, there’s one more thing. Monday morning, what should you be doing based upon your style?  Emptying your Mind, crossing your ’T’s’, dotting your ‘i’s’, right?  Yeah, you’ve got to get on the phone I mean they’re telling you that from the day you walk in the door.  Monday, Phone!!! Phone! Phone!  But you’ve been in business 10 years, you’re a Business Person now.  Get yourself grounded for the next day then you can let it fly.  You’re going to be far more productive. 

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