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13 Tips To Stay In The Busiest & Best Shape Of Your Life

Simon Reilly | November 5, 2018 | Filed: Mind and Body

13 Tips To Stay In The Busiest & Best Shape Of Your Life

I’m the busiest and in the best shape of my life.

Busiest with the following;

  • Being and staying who I am using the following 13 Tips
  • Loving my wonderful wife Laura as much as she loves me
  • Coaching, speaking, and writing
  • Creating an Online Product; This was started in March of 2018 and I’m more than half-way through (all of these projects make it challenging to find the space to stay in step with what I am creating)
  • Leading Advisor Management
  • Completed 6 of 13 exhibiting and speaking presentations September – November
  • Creating a 2ndSpeaking Presentation PowerPoint for GAMA LAMP for March 2019; online rehearsal deadline end of October 2018 and end of November 2018, and live rehearsal in Washington January 2019; this is one of those opportunities that is tough to say no to
  • GAMA Silver Sponsorship
  • NAIFA Consulting
  • WIFS Membership Workshop Creation

13 Tips To Stay In The Busiest & Best Shape Of Your Life

  1. Breathing
  2. Cardio
  3. Clearing
  4. Communion with God
  5. Emptying & Prioritizing Your Mind
  6. Journaling
  7. Listening to Brainwave
  8. Meditation
  9. Sleep 8 Hours
  10. TV Reduction
  11. Walking 2 ½ Miles Daily
  12. Writing Blogs for Therapy (just like this one)
  13. Yoga

Julie Hale-Miller
Julie Hale-MillerCountry Financial
Chatham IL
The Leading Advisor Coaching Program is truly a unique and engaging experience for anyone that decides to challenge themselves to work alongside Simon & Laura. After working through the homework and coaching sessions I am the most appreciative of the fact that the program allows me to use my faith through the process verses it being secular. After only a few sessions I can see myself starting to shift. I realize now that all of my learning and experiences up to this point have truly prepared me for this program and everything being tied together. The program has pushed my boundaries and even though I may not embrace change at the same pace as some, with the respectful, understanding and holistic approach I can now easily bring about sustainable change.


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