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Breathe New Life Into Your Business and Yourself

Simon Reilly | February 8, 2016 | Filed: Vision & Planning

breathe new life into your business

February 2016 is well underway and you have completed your:

  • 5 Year Vision
  • 2016 Business and Marketing Plan complete with Monthly Scorecards and Progress Reports
  • Yearly Budget Cash Flow Spreadsheet that includes Sales Activity Calculator
  • 2016 Time Management Plan
  • Flow charts, Job Descriptions and Procedures for all areas of your business
  • Hiring new team members

All of the above is completed, right?

Imagine what your business and professional life would look like with the above noted bullet points completed.

So, Why Not?

Could it be you are too busy doing the same things over and over again expecting different results?

Raise Your Awareness

  • Your success in 2016 and beyond is not about doing more, it is about being more aware.
  • Awareness of being is supported by deep breathing sessions from the belly right through the heart.
  • Awareness of being through deep breathing will allow you to listen for thought-leading ideas.
  • Awareness of being will allow your higher self to teach you what you don’t know and show you what you cannot see.
  • Once you have your thought-leading ideas, then you can put them into place through doing.

Deep Breathing for Awareness

Why am I talking with you about deep breathing?

Values based deep breathing causes you, your being, your soul to breathe deep into your belly, core and heart creating deep business and personal roots that grow deep making you stronger and stronger.

Unmet needs based shallow breathing in your upper chest cavity originates from your amygdala creating shallow roots, if any roots at all because the amygdala has you hyperventilating and releasing adrenaline in a constant and never ending loop making you weaker and weaker.

Here are some deep breathing exercises that I have shared with my clients.

  1. Sitting upright, with a view to having a belt to tie around your ribcage, inhale expanding your ribcage out as far as you can and then tighten the belt. This will give you more conscious understanding of expanding and contracting your ribcage as you inhale and exhale repeating ten times.
  2. Lay flat on the floor and place your hands on your belly and as you are inhaling push your belly out and up and as you exhale contract your belly inwards and repeat ten times. This process will help you to be more conscious of what’s happening with your body on the inhale and the exhale.
  3. Start off by breathing in through your nostrils filling your chest cavity to the count of five seconds. Hold your breath for twenty seconds. Control your exhale of your breath for 10 seconds. And repeat this 10 times. Note that this ratio is 5/20/10 and that you can modify this depending on your level of comfort.

As you are doing the above deep breathing exercises, visualize the light of 10,000 suns radiating through every cell of your body while you affirm; light, love, happiness, peace and joy are within me. Remember to feel these affirmations at a deep heart level every time you take in your breath.

May your deep breathing and awareness of being allow your higher self to teach you what you don’t know and show you what you cannot see.

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