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Deeper Digital Work – September 2017 Newsletter

Deeper Digital Work - September 2017 Newsletter

This is a continuation of my August Newsletter: Are You Digitally Balanced Or Bankrupt?

It’s Tuesday, September 12 and Laura and I are en route from Denver to Nashville to speak at NAIFA Nashville September 15 after speaking at NAIFA Colorado South Metro. We are completing the second leg of our speaking trip to Orlando, Denver, and Nashville; the first leg of the 2017 NAIFA P+P Conference in Orlando was cancelled due to Hurricane Irma.

Laura and I are taking a mini-break September 13 – 15 to enjoy the sights and sounds of Nashville as we have been focused on the following since we got back from our mid-August cruise to Alaska:

  • Completing the Empty Your Mind Process in preparation for integration with: Updating Microsoft Outlook Inbox/Sent Items Folders and Protocols
    • Microsoft Surface Pro 
    • Microsoft OneNote 
    • Microsoft Outlook

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