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Deeper Digital Work – September 2017 Newsletter

Simon Reilly | September 28, 2017 | Filed: Newsletter, Technology

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This is a continuation of my August Newsletter: Are You Digitally Balanced Or Bankrupt?

It’s Tuesday, September 12 and Laura and I are en route from Denver to Nashville to speak at NAIFA Nashville September 15 after speaking at NAIFA Colorado South Metro. We are completing the second leg of our speaking trip to Orlando, Denver, and Nashville; the first leg of the 2017 NAIFA P+P Conference in Orlando was cancelled due to Hurricane Irma.

Laura and I are taking a mini-break September 13 – 15 to enjoy the sights and sounds of Nashville as we have been focused on the following since we got back from our mid-August cruise to Alaska:

  • Completing the Empty Your Mind Process in preparation for integration with: Updating Microsoft Outlook Inbox/Sent Items Folders and Protocols
    • Microsoft Surface Pro 
    • Microsoft OneNote 
    • Microsoft Outlook
  • Updating Microsoft Outlook Inbox/Sent Items Folders and Protocols
  • Learning Microsoft Surface Pro, Apps and Software
  • Learning Microsoft OneNote
  • Upgrading to Microsoft Office365
  • Hiring two Virtual Schedulers, one for Clients and one for Prospects
  • Automating the Sales Activity Calculator Process with our Maximizer CRM
  • Preparing and travelling to Speak at NAIFA Colorado, Colorado South Metro, Missouri and Nashville
  • Preparing to Exhibit at FPA, NAIFA P+P and WIFS Conferences in Nashville, Orlando and Minneapolis
  • Updating Project List
  • Purchasing two Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayaks

I am absolutely amazed by the Microsoft Surface Pro, Apps and Software. I’ve never had a computer experience like it; it is profound.

Truth be told, and without sounding too righteous, my experience of the Microsoft Surface Pro, Apps and Software is because I invested a considerable amount of energy and time in July, August, and September to create and enhance my experience.

In days gone by, after purchasing a new computer, app or software, I just turned the device on and started using it or, said another way, hacked away at it. With the Microsoft Surface Pro, Apps and Software, I took the time to set it all up and learn how to use all of it.

Here are some bullet point reflections on Deeper Digital Work:

  • What are you paying for your attention?
  • What are you paying for your absence of attention?
  • In revisiting GTD (Getting Things Done) / Evernote / Wunderlist, I’m reminded that there are:
    1. Ideas which are just ideas that may possibly be
    2. ROI projects / tasks / to-dos, and
    3. ROI appointments.
    4. In order to realize this I must make the time for non-thinking to separate me from OCOTD – Obsessive Compulsive Over Thinking Disorder or OCGID – Obsessive Compulsive Good Idea Disorder … which has led me to too many past Low ROI projects / tasks / to-dos / appointments.
  • Learn what I call the 25/2/5 Rule. Check your focus every 5 seconds and confirm that you are either: 
    • Investing 25 minutes on one ROI task, or
    • Investing 25 minutes on ROI to-dos that take 2 minutes or less; if it takes more than 2 minutes then the task needs to be scheduled into a 25-minute time slot.
  • We were born with a perfect heart, nervous system, personality, and mind. Some of us were/are overstimulated in the absence of, or with replacements for, deep love too early in our lives.  This fragments our consciousness, consistency, focus, and values-based thinking by introducing thoughts that are fragmented by unmet needs.
  • A client said to me recently, “I am so overstimulated. I am connected to everything except my values, vision, purpose, mission, and goals.”
  • We have developed old, deeply ingrained habits, and no matter how much we try, our new habits are interfered with what is called Proactive Interference.  This means the oldest info is more persistent than the new info.The oldest info is driven by unmet needs like safety, fueling negative emotions of anxiety & fear and negative beliefs like: ‘I have too much to do, I will never get it all done, I am not enough,’ all becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. With the addiction of trying to get unmet needs met outside of ourselves, we become addicted to the shiny ball syndrome – that the next person, place, thing is going to fill up what is missing inside of us.To gain a deeper understanding of this read The Inspirational Tipping Point. BTW – I did not invent the term Proactive Interference. Based on my experience and with respect to the above paragraph, we are experiencing Reactive Interference; there is nothing Proactive about it.
  • We are full to capacity and unfulfilled, and one must stop and Empty Your Mind to create sacred space in the absence of overworking, overdoing and overthinking to return to our original state of mind: OneMind. Instead of continually reinventing the wheel, Empty Your Mind.
  • The following is from a book review of Deep Work. Personally, I would first learn to Meditate and then drill down into Deeper Work.

Deep Work review: Productive meditation: focus attention on single, well-defined problem while [walking, jogging, driving, showering]. Like mindfulness meditation with a focus on the problem instead of the breath.

Like all meditation, difficult at first, requires lots of practice. Avoid distractions and looping.

Structure your deep thinking. Set up relevant variables and next-step questions. After arriving at a solution, consolidate by reviewing the answer.

  • Some call “zero interruption, 100% focus time” meditation. There are a variety of practices best done for 20 minutes first thing in the day and 20 minutes midday focusing on either the faint idea of an affirmation (mantra) or the breath – to transcend into pure consciousness giving our overthinking mind a deep, deep rest.
  • On another level, Deep Work is about Deeper Work – getting to the root cause of overworking -> overdoing -> overthinking and just being present in the absence of thought. Not mindfulness, because in my case my mind is too full. Rather it is mindlessness.Mindlessness has been a scary thought for my mind, because who would it be if it wasn’t thinking. Deeper Work requires a regular practice of focusing on the non-thought.In the presence of the present moment giving the overworking -> overdoing -> overthinking mind a rest. I’ve received some insights while driving, exercising and showering which are still another version of doing versus being in the moment. In the regular and continued practice of the presence of the present moment, true inspiration and vocation will be revealed.

Would it be worth having a conversation about what’s working in your business, what’s not, what you should do about it and in what order?

As a way of helping you to meet and exceed your goals for 2017 and beyond, we would like to offer you the following Business Building Blueprint Process:

  • Step 1 – Complete a 30-minute Interview Call with Laura Reilly which will create the foundation for me to give you our version of what’s working, what’s not, what you should do about it and in what order – your personalized Business Building Blueprint
  • Step 2 – Complete our Online Business Building Assessment 
  • Step 3 – Complete a 60-minute Business Building Assessment  / Blueprint Debriefing and again I’ll give you our version of what’s working, what’s not, what you should do about it, in what order, and the total time and money investment required; where we believe we could add the most value

At a minimum, I know we can share at least one or two best practices, some of which won’t cost you anything.

What’s the requirement? The only requirement is You:

  • You are committed to making improvements in your business 
  • You understand that most of the time, it requires someone from the outside to:
    • Help identify the improvements that need to be made 
    • Provide systems to make sustainable improvements 
    • Provide accountability 

Click here to Schedule the Business Building Blueprint Process.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service,

Simon Reilly

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