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How Do You Fall In Love With Change?

Simon Reilly | April 25, 2018 | Filed: Amygdala

Embrace Change

In this ever-changing world in which we live in, the one thing that is guaranteed is change.

People are mesmerized by the Amygdala making it difficult to change.

** Amygdala; a primal almond-shaped mass of gray matter inside each cerebral hemisphere, involved with being ever vigilant to determine the difference between a snake and a stick.

From the beginning of time, there have always been false idols or snakes created by the Amygdala; a false God, patriarch, matriarch, government or authority that the Amygdala wants us to believe is taking our life force away. It will only be true if we believe what the Amygdala wants us to believe.

With the Amygdala being so overstimulated by, what it perceives to be, all the snakes in the world, it becomes more and more difficult to feel, hear, and see the light of day – the light of day being the path of change.

Most people are consumed by their Amygdala’s hallucinations about all the snakes in the world. They go from one false God, patriarch, matriarch, government or authority or thing to another, in an effort to gain fulfillment –to medicate the pain they’re feeling.

Wouldn’t it be great if at the beginning of each day you took twenty minutes to focus on the truth of who you are?

If you can’t do that because the Amygdala’s noise is too loud, sit down with a journal and your Amygdala and write down all of your negative beliefs, getting them off of your heart and mind. If you don’t challenge the Amygdala, it will consume your valuable consciousness, and if you keep going down the path chosen by the Amygdala, you will be a victim. You will sell your life short in a victim state of mind and you will never be satisfied or settled.

“Avoid resistance at all cost. Resistance is an all-encompassing term for what Freud called Death Wish. Resistance cannot be reasoned with. It understands one thing. Power. Resistance takes on the form of drugs, shopping, TV, gossip, alcohol, drugs, and the consumption of all products containing alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, fat, salt and sugar. The greatest danger is Resistance knows when the finish line is in site and it will throw out one final assault.” – Steven Pressfield – The War Of Art

Julie Hale-Miller | Leading Advisor
April, 2018

Julie Hale-Miller
Country Financial
Chatham IL

The Leading Advisor Coaching Program is truly a unique and engaging experience for anyone that decides to challenge themselves to work alongside Simon & Laura. After working through the homework and coaching sessions I am the most appreciative of the fact that the program allows me to use my faith through the process verses it being secular. After only a few sessions I can see myself starting to shift. I realize now that all of my learning and experiences up to this point have truly prepared me for this program and everything being tied together. The program has pushed my boundaries and even though I may not embrace change at the same pace as some, with the respectful, understanding and holistic approach I can now easily bring about sustainable change.



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