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Energy, Space & Time To Imagine & Realize 2018 – 2023

Simon Reilly | July 5, 2017 | Filed: Vision & Planning

Energy, Space & Time To Imagine & Realize 2018 – 2023

I’m taking it very easy on Canada Day, Saturday July 1 as I’m the most tired I’ve been this year. 

Aside from the energy required to return from a 21 day speaking trip on June 24, I’m noticing that client business and personal puzzles are becoming more complex therefore requiring more energy. It takes energy to go beyond the veil to the root causes that are below the surface of medications like fixing time management problems.

It is taking extra energy and time to breathe and meditate to stay heart centered versus getting caught up in obsessively thinking which, interestingly enough, is a symptom of time management problems.

“Clients want the Truth so they can Transcend. To Transcend Truth for clients we must first Transcend Truth for ourselves. This requires constant commitment to managing one’s consciousness and energy right now, not to be diminished by too much Thinking or Things that take a lot of Time that are Taxing on being Thankful for what is now.” – Simon Reilly

At the dawning of the second half of this year, I’m questless at the moment.

I’ve been asking myself; what do I want. I’ve done the usual analysis of areas of business and personal life and what comes up is; Peace of heart and mind.

But of course there is a part of my mind that says; Screw that, you have to have a goal or a quest as everyone has a goal or a quest.

Honestly, I don’t. I am focusing on having a life and coaching, speaking & writing, and what is being presented to me like applying to speak at GAMA/LAMP in Nashville in 2018.

What brings feeling and meaning is fulfilling the Values, Vision, Purpose and Mission that I wrote over 20 years ago; http://www.leadingadvisor.com/about-leading-advisor/values-vision-mission-and-purpose/

For me I want to invest energy and time with being more in love with me, Laura, and being in the present.

This creates the space to realize unforeseen territory, to be free to do, or not. 

Space creates contentment.  Doing and doing and doing and expecting a specific outcome or a result is inconsistent with contentment. 

With plenty of space, one begins to realize that any outcome or result is to be loved; there are no good or bad outcomes, only to give thanks for what is being realized right now.

When I am too fixated on a specific goal, outcome or quest, I shut myself off from infinite attraction, opportunities beyond imagination, which may take a brand new direction.

When the goal, outcome or quest are fixed, I can set myself up for judgement, as the goal, outcome or quest may not be good enough. 

Then, again, not achieving the goal, outcome or quest is perfect too. What makes all of it perfect is the space to give thanks for what is being realized right now.

So as we enter the second half of 2017, may you be inspired in the moment rather than being motivated by the past or the future.

Does this mean that I have thrown away the concepts of the goal, outcome or quest for evermore? No. For us, the actions for 2017 goals, outcomes and quests are in play. The concepts in this blog are about us creating the space to start to imagine and realize 2018 – 2023.

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