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Here Is What Father and Daughter / Son Teams Are Saying About Leading Advisor

Simon Reilly | August 9, 2018 | Filed: Family Business

Jim Silbernagel
Jim SilbernagelReal Wealth
Kewaskum, WI
Ever wonder what it's like to help someone who doesn’t think they need it?  It's not easy — but that's what Simon is accomplishing with me!  His patience and perseverance in and out of our coaching sessions have helped me to fine-tune my approach to life, both personally and professionally.  My biggest breakthrough so far has been learning my own values and experiencing clarity, breaking away from my subconscious need to please everyone. I know now that big success comes when I am focusing on my true vision, purpose and mission rather than how to get my own needs met. It's so worthwhile to have someone in my corner, "fighting the good fight" for me as I make these changes — even the ones I didn't think I needed! 

Angela Silbernagel
Angela SilbernagelReal Wealth Marketing
Kewaskum, WI

I did not expect Simon's coaching program to focus on my personal foundation as well as my business foundation. I love the assignments that Simon has coached me through each session and I have started to implement new tools and skills with success. After a short period of time with Simon I am now more mentally organized and understand the importance of a strong personal foundation for a strong business foundation. I look forward to continuing to strengthen myself both personally and professionally with the resources Simon continues to provide to me. 

 Taylor Koester
Taylor KoesterDesjardins Financial Security
Edmonton, AB
The Leading Advisor coaching program has changed the dynamic of our family run business. On the suggestion of my Dad, who has had much success with the coaching program, I decided to seek the coaching opportunity myself, with the vision in mind of strengthening myself, my business and our communication as a family in business. What I didn’t expect was how much of the work and success of the program really hinged on me focusing on working on myself from the inside out. Learning and applying this focus has paid off tremendously, both in our business as well as in my relationships with others. As we all know, there are always certain areas we can improve upon and we are constantly learning how to do so. Working with the Leading Advisor Team, their system, and their accountability has given me the opportunity to do the work resulting is fantastic results in all areas of my life.

Kelly Aikens
Kelly AikensH&A Financial Advisors
Regina, Saskatchewan
I understand myself now at a much deeper level and that is the greatest thing I have gotten from my relationship with Simon. This foundation is creating more focus on developing my business and making sure that our income is continuing to grow.

Brad Aikens
Brad AikensH&A Financial Advisors
Regina SK
When I was referred to Simon’s coaching program I was hesitant. I had no expectations of the growth I was about to make with Simon coaching me step by step along the way. Through critical thinking skills and assignments, based on my own self-examination of values and needs, I have taken the time to really consider and understand not only my business but my personal life moving forward. With the new skills and resources Simon has shared with me I have the confidence and clarity to truly succeed in life.

Dave BeatyNAIFA National TrusteePrincipal
Dave Beaty
NAIFA National Trustee
Heartland Financial Services
Cedar Falls IA
Simon has focused on helping me with why I want to increase production and some of the how to get there. He will first assess your current situation and help you with your personal methodology as well as your style of communication.My practice is at the place that I want to increase production to include my son as successor and be able to support both of us for the next about 10 years.  The why has to do with helping people retire in the lifestyle that they have been accustomed to during their working years.  We are at a very important stage with so many retiring and so few to advise them.  I feel that we have the opportunity to make a huge difference in people’s lives and must develop the systems and practices to do just that.I wish you the best and Simon will help you achieve that best.

Brent Beaty
Brent BeatyHeartland Financial Services
Cedar Rapids, IA
Simon’s coaching program has shown me what I am capable of. His consistent accountability lasts long after the session is over. Simon is now in the back of my mind, not only rooting me on to keep improving, but confirming my affirmations that I am heading in the right direction. When I first met with Simon I did not expect much out of the coaching. But, after a few short sessions, I am writing goals on paper I never have before, I have a clear direction of where I am heading and more importantly a reason to get there. I am moving forward with my own vision, purpose and mission knowing that I have greater chances of succeeding. Applying Simon’s coaching skills, tools and assignments have helped me to create a positive journey and greater success for myself and my clients.

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