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Hi, I’m Simon Reilly,I’m concerned about what I’m seeing in the Financial Advisor industry.

Recent survey results are revealing problems like:

  • Financial Advisors are having a difficult time implementing very valuable elements into their business, such a business plan, a marketing plan and financial controls.
  • Financial Advisors are emotionally retired, their hearts are not in it.
  • Financial Advisors are not making enough money and their numbers are dwindling.

In my experience, these problems are caused by Financial Advisors struggling with their own unmet needs, negative emotions and negative beliefs. They’re experiencing a lack of vision, purpose and mission, which are the very foundations of a strong business.

Through personalized one-on-one telephone coaching, I help Financial Advisors to overcome these problems.

The Clear Your Roadblocks™ coaching program is based upon years of
client experience and the scientifically proven impact that values, positive
emotions and positive beliefs have on your business.

Phil Hauser’s testimonial says it all:

“From the moment Simon was introduced to our conference I simply knew that he was the one who would coach me to awaken the energy within myself to advance my practice and my life to where I have always felt it should be. Simon and Laura ignite an enthusiasm within me to fulfill this desire to propel my energies forward to conceive, believe and achieve my goals. The Leading Advisor approach is simply fun to work through. While coaching is not meant to be a quick fix, several ideas put forward in sessions have delivered results beyond my expectations within 24 hours of first hearing them. I have begun to identify the roadblocks to my success and am enjoying the experience of removing them! I’m really enjoying this work it is very challenging and I am feeling I get far more out of it than I put into it.

Philip Hauser, CFP London, Ontario

The Financial Advisor industry is awash with experts talking about how to achieve success,
yet most Financial Advisors are having a difficult time implementing these very valuable strategies into their business.

Things such as:

  1. Creating a vision for the future and developing a business plan.
  2. Implementing excellent financial controls and making more money.
  3. Refining your sales skills.
  4. Attracting lots of qualified referrals.
  5. Assisting high-quality clients and delegating your C and D clients.
  6. Becoming a recognized expert and creating a unique brand focused on an affluent niche.
  7. Focusing on profitable and specialized products and services.
  8. Recruiting, leading and delegating to a championship support team.
  9. Creating harmony in all business relationships and delivering amazing customer service.
  10. Celebrating your success and achieving your true potential.

Why are these strategies so difficult to implement?

There are some key elements missing in their business strategy, starting with values and vision. You see, a truly successful business and life are doomed unless you first define your:

  • Values, which are the DNA of your vision.
  • Vision, Purpose and Mission, which are the foundations of your business plan.
  • Goals
  • Business Plan, which is the foundation of your marketing plan.
  • Marketing Plan, which is foundation of your brand.
  • Brand, which is the foundation of your niche.
  • Niche, which is the foundation of your product and client specialization.
  • Product Specialization
  • Client Specialization

Recent survey results revealed that:

Most Financial Advisors are emotionally retired

  • 23% of Financial Advisors over 63 years of have no succession plan
  • 33% of Financial Advisors have no vision or business plan

There are not enough inspired and/or qualified advisors

  • 12.4% of Financial Advisors are very satisfied
  • 49.1% of Financial Advisors are not very satisfied
  • 40% of Financial Advisors are unsatisfied

Most Financial Advisors are not making enough money

  • 1/3 of Financial Advisors make $50K-$100K
  • 1/2 of Financial Advisors make $100K-$200K
  • 1/5 of Financial Advisors make $250K

“I started working with Simon over 9 years ago with a mandate to double my income and provide me with more time for myself and my family, and to enable me to work on my business versus always having to work in it. I met and exceeded the mandate within the first year and have forged ahead to build a Financial Services Practice with a strong team of specialists that provide Critical Illness, Group Insurance, Life Insurance and Money Management.

Nelson Deslippe – CFP, CLU, C.H.F.C – Integral Financial Services Inc. – Vancouver, Canada

The Clear Your Roadblocks ProgramTM includes:

  • Values and behaviors assessment – completed and delivered online
  • Values and behaviors assessment debriefing – 1 hour telephone debriefing
  • Assignments and systems to identify and meet your Unmet Needs, negative emotions and negative beliefs
  • Assignments and systems to identify and integrate your values, positive feelings and positive beliefs into your vision, business and marketing plan
  • Bi-monthly one-hour coaching calls for 2 months
  • Weekly goal tracking software
  • 24/7 email and/or telephone access
  • Access to our Knowledge Bureau

The Clear Your Roadblocks Program TM uses a scientific approach that starts with values and behaviors assessments.

While working with hundreds and hundreds of clients through their assessments, Leading Advisor has benchmarked the values and behaviors of today’s most successful financial advisors. We further identified six key values, and we will see how these specific values are expressed in your assessment.

Your behaviors are how you carry out the actions towards your goals. As we discuss in Curing the Unmet Needs Disease, behaviours are either an expression of your values, or they are a manifestation of your Unmet Needs and their accompanying negative emotions and negative beliefs, which conflict with or overshadow your values.

At the end of the day, that leaves you with conflict, inconsistency, lack of motivation and even worse, an unfulfilled business and personal life.

Through these values and behaviors assessments, the Clear Your Roadblocks ProgramTM will help you to understand and implement the values and behaviors that are required for sustainable and consistent success.

If you’re struggling with:

  • Lack of focus.
  • Not enough money coming in.
  • Loss of motivation.
  • Failure to ask for referrals.
  • Too many small clients and small products.
  • Administrative “busy work” that takes all your time.
  • Conflict and disputes with clients, partners, management, associates and staff.
  • Beating yourself up.

The Clear Your Roadblocks ProgramTM can help you to turn things around and work towards achieving these crucial business strategies:

  1. Coaching for Financial AdvisorsI follow a written 5-year vision and business plan and I always have enough time.
  2. I am fully satisfied with the amount of money I am making.
  3. I feel naturally excited about my work and I enjoy the selling process.
  4. I am getting lots of great qualified referrals.
  5. I am getting a lot of new high quality clients.
  6. I have branded my business and I am focused on a niche market.
  7. I am focused on profitable products and services.
  8. I do what I love to do, have a hiring system and delegate everything else.
  9. I am effective at managing my business relationships extremely well.
  10. I always celebrate my successes, learn from my setbacks and I am achieving my true potential as an advisor.

To make it easy for you to get started, we have removed one of your roadblocks by making the first month of your coaching risk- free.

If you are not 100% satisfied, you do not pay.

Thank you for taking the time to invest in your success. Now Let’s Get Started!

Simon –  The Financial Advisor Coach

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