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I now feel my true purpose of helping people find their best path forward to meet and exceed their dreams.

September, 2017
Jesse Barge
FInancial Advisor
Northwestern Mutual
Carbondale, IL

I have the skills and resources now to understand when I am taking things seriously and bring them back to the moment I’m in.

August, 2017
Nnenne Ikejiani
Freedom 55 Financial
Edmonton AB

I have clearly enjoyed Simon’s coaching program and will be a proponent now and in the future.

August, 2017
Jeff Frost
Thrivent Financial
Cheyenne WY

Simon has helped me to create a solid foundation to build strong emotional muscles.

July, 2017
Sally Houx
Farm Bureau Financial Services
Wheatland WY

Most coaching programs focus on the outside perspective but Simon has focused on working from the inside out.

January, 2017
Robert Clark
Petersen International Underwriters
Valencia CA

I look forward to continuing my work with Simon to fine tune my foundation.

January, 2017
Bob Buckley
Strategic Financial Partners
Memphis, TN

I now have the confidence and awareness to identify the best path forward in each day to day situation.

November, 2016
Luke Wimsatt
Wimsatt Financial Network
Farmington, NL

I did not expect to go as deep as I have into the feelings and values of my core.

November, 2016
Neil Wilkinson
Financial Decisions Group
Oelwein IA

Simon‘s process really helps to get the big dominos out of the way so that I can get to work.

November, 2016
Steven J. Wright, CLU, ChFC
Regional Managing Director
Principal Financial Group
Roseville, CA

I gained control, confidence, peace and happiness back in my daily life.

October, 2016
Sherry Flynn
Voya Financial Advisers
Farmington NM

I appreciate having an experienced and knowledgeable sounding board with Simon.

October, 2016
Greg Johnson
Johnson Insurance
Bell Plaine IA

I am now driven to continuously improve my business.

October, 2016
Christophe Voegeli
Clear Focus Financial
Edmonton, AB
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