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The results continue to be positive.

March, 2019
Shawn Windrem
Windrem Financial Group Inc.
Saskatoon SK

Simon has an uncanny ability to boil the issues down and provide me with direct advice on my next steps.

March, 2019
Laura Davis
Country Financial
Anchorage AK

The Leading Advisor Coaching Program got to the heart of everything I was dealing with.

February, 2019
Shannen Fisher
Thierman Financial
Prince Albert SK

The best part of working with Simon were the personal interactions.

January, 2019
Gail Dodds
Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
Estevan SK

I now have a well-rounded outlook on life, business, our 2019 goals.

January, 2019
Gabe Bowers
Bowers Digmann Financial
Boone IA

This truly has been the best investment I have made in my life.

November, 2018
Gus de la Fuente
Gus de la Fuente Wealth Management Inc. – Freedom55 Financial
Kanata ON

The work I have done through the coaching program has definitely put me in a better position in life and business.

October, 2018
Wendy Playfair
Freedom 55 Financial
Mississauga ON

The program has engaged me, kept me interested, and continuously shows me the light at the end of the tunnel.

September, 2018
Jamie Madigan
Freedom 55 Financial
Toronto ON

The Leading Advisor Coaching program has helped me to bring clarity to my work days.

September, 2018
Hal Otey
Hal Otey Financial
Memphis TN

I truly enjoy working with Simon.

September, 2018
Teri Eaton
State Farm Insurance
Gulfport MS

The changes I have seen, on both a professional and personal level are truly worth the time and money invested.

September, 2018
Kevin Gleim
Thrivent Financial
Puyallup WA

The one-on-one coaching, along with the different assignments have helped me focus.

September, 2018
Scott Giles
Ameriprise Financial
Memphis TN
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