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Simon has presented at events that include: Advocis, Independent Financial Brokers, the Million Dollar Round Table, National Association Of Insurance and Financial Advisors and Private Company Events that include BFG Financial, Bridgeforce Financial, Canada Life, CIBC, Customplan Financial Advisors Inc., Desjardins Financial, Edward Jones, Financial Management, Freedom 55, Global Pacific Financial Services, Great American Advisors / Lincoln Financial, Great West Life, Hub Financial,  IDC Financial, Insurance Network of America, Investors Group, Manulife, Macquarie Financial,  PPI Solutions, Senior Advisor Market Expo, Sun Life & The Cumis Group and Pro-Seminars

Event Planner Testimonials

“Simon consistently brings value to every audience he is welcomed to. NAIFA Iowa invited Simon to speak at our first NAIFA Iowa 2010 Sales Caravan. From this experience we knew that he would show up with new practical applications for our NAIFA Iowa 2016 Leadership Rally. Simon’s Values Discovery Process Exercises helped our members to get re-associated to the integral Values that are transparent to both their business and their NAIFA Iowa membership. Simon’s Membership Enrollment Process is the missing link enabling our members to help new members discover what is most important to them in their business and how being a NAIFA member can help new members meet and exceed their goals.”

Michele Grassley Clarke
Executive Director

“Thank you so much, Simon, for coming to Columbus and for your “ON TARGET” presentation to our local association leadership!  You vividly demonstrated that the same elements that assure a successful sales career will also help them recruit new members into their association!  Despite no breaks during your two hour presentation, no one left the room and the standing ovation said it all!

Thanks again for sharing your time and talents!”

David W. Field, CAE
Executive Vice President

The Inspirational Tipping Point was a passionate presentation in terms of how Simon delivered it. I’ve been to many meetings where the person up there was just monotone and doing their thing. The message was unbelievable but at the end of the day I think it was how Simon delivered the message that I thought was phenomenal.

The message was different. It was completely fresh in regards to perspective on any current belief you might have. He talked about inspiration versus motivation. Again, I just thought it was a different angle and I’ve been doing this for 26 years so it was really neat to hear the content and understand different things that people can be doing to make a difference not only in their day-to-day life but in the personal life as well.

Being the Program Chair for the organization I want to make sure that we deliver and are bringing in good-quality meetings. We literally did not receive any negative feedback. I couldn’t be happier.
Kenneth Van Valkenburgh
NAIFA Greater Washington DC – Program Chair
Vice President
Bethesda, MD

Simon has given me strategies to become more aware of what my drivers are so that I can be more in control of my actions. I’m more organized and much more enthusiastic about the planning process and can already see the fruits of that labor. This mindset will help me double my production next year.
Bruce Beaty
Vice President of Sales
Petaluma, CA

I received nothing but positive feedback on Simon’s presentation. Nobody was disappointed! While many attendees had seen Simon earlier in the year with similar but different content the two presentations complimented each other well, giving attendees who experienced both even more to take back to their practices.
Michael Staeb
NAIFA Washington 2014 State Convention Chair
Staeb Brokerage
Seattle, WA

“We enjoyed having Simon with us …. he really did a phenomenal job and was very well received by those in attendance …. the ideas and strategies he shared were easily applicable to everyone in attendance… even us “old” guys .. Thanks again for everything !!”
John E. Pauley, CLU, ChFC CLTC
NAIFA-WV Executive Director
New York Life
Charleston, West Virginia

“Sometimes you meet people in life you just know you want to get to know better. Simon was one of those people for me. I knew I’d learn something from working with him but I wasn’t prepared for the depth. Simon‘s process really helps to get the big dominos out of the way so that I can get to work. I feel like I’ve grown every time I’ve talked to Simon. I don’t just feel better; I am better. Integrity Selling goes about an inch deep but working with Simon goes a lot deeper. Awareness is so much of the process of life. I’m certainly much more aware of where I’m at and I will continue to grow as a result of working with Simon.
Steven J. Wright, CLU, ChFC
President NAIFA Northern California
Regional Managing Director
Principal Financial Group
Roseville, CA 

Simon Reilly’s Inspirational Tipping Point presentation to NAIFA Washington State’s September 2013 Financial Forum met and exceeded expectations on all fronts. I asked Simon to deliver brand new material that would engage our members and here are the comments that I received:“captivating, revealing, a unique path to the heart of creating performance, a breakthrough in talking about introductions with clients, I didn’t anticipate that I would change the way I think about myself, discovered structures to quantify analytics of one’s values system – thus being able to track overall efficiency in one’s practice,  Simon spoke like one of us – he knew the jargon and understands our challenges, revelations and insights that stirred me, a concise review of solid principles, it brought me back to the passion of our business, great presentation in motivating me for my 3-5 year plan and I’ve been in business for over 20 years”

I highly recommend Simon Reilly as an opening speaker for your next conference.
John B. Nichols
President 2014/2015 – NAIFA Washington

 “Advocis Nova Scotia attendees appreciated the practicality of Simon’s One Page Business presentation. They said it had fantastic information, practical ideas and added value.
Stephanie Holmes-Winton
The Money Finder Financial Investment Solutions
Program Chair – Advocis
Nova Scotia

Simon’s energy came through and resonated with, not just myself, but everybody I spoke to. Of all the different seminars that I’ve been to in my career, Simon is one of the top as far as the energy flow, the good feeling, the good vibe, the person that’s going to make you feel like you should be more positive and have more energy and see things brighter and don’t get caught up in the enigma of the daily task versus the big picture of keeping your energy flow. Simon’s presentation helped advisors understand how to influence themselves and influence their business. He helps advisors to understand the emotional side, what’s motivating them, what their triggers are, what’s preventing them from being who they want to be in their business or career. I could tell that advisors really stumbled onto something from Simon’s presentation by the look on their faces and the level of excitement in their voices. They didn’t realize some things about themselves, how they express themselves so that they could see themselves in a positive way and not in a negative way. Everybody I talked to thought that Simon was very, very positive and thought his material and presentation was excellent.
Jaford Burgad
President NAIFA North Dakota

 “I heard Simon speak in Lake Tahoe 2 years ago so I had an idea on what to expect and what we received was completely different in a good way. I liked that Simon was able to incorporate the Inspirational Tipping Point and the One Page Business Plan into one presentation and cover so much in such a short period of time. In some cases, financial advisor members of our audience have been in business so long they’ve got their plan in their head and that they know what they’re doing and they’ve got it down, but bringing in that Inspirational Tipping Point in caused them to look at themselves differently to say… “it is time for me to revisit my plan”. You’ve got to be inspired to really bring the value forth to both yourself and the clients that you serve. I love the line that Simon uses; “Values are the DNA of your vision, plan and fulfillment”. One must know their values so they can incorporate them into helping their clients achieve their client’s goals. The fulfillment that you feel is not about the commission or what the product is or what you do… the fact that you are able to help your clients achieve their own financial security, their own fulfillment is what really matters. It’s more than a plan or a life insurance policy, you’re providing the future financial fulfillment and security for that family.  Clients are going to know that they’re protecting their family and their values. Helping, teaching and educating clients and their families reach that point of fulfillment, then you’re fulfilled as well and it’s not going to matter what your bottom line is at the end of the day. You’ll have that sense of fulfillment that you’re doing the right thing.
Kara Stanley
President Elect NAIFA New Hampshire


I just wanted to write to you to say “Thank you” for speaking at the NAIFA GA Symposium on April 23, 2013. You traveled a very long distance to get to Atlanta, GA and I wanted to tell you how appreciative NAIFA GA was.

I can best describe the reception to your presentation in one word “Wow”.

Your talk was fast-paced and loaded with usable information. The fact that you are so very friendly and so sociable is apparent throughout your presentation.

I would strongly urge all NAIFA organizations to invite you to speak to their members so that they will hear and see the type of feedback I received from our attendees.

Attached please find a sampling of the positive reactions from our membership.

Simon, once again I want to thank you for participating in our 2013 Symposium.

Safe Travels.
Don M. Esposito, CLU, ChFC, RHU
NAIFA Georgia Vice President

“Members of our NAIFA Georgia 2013 State Convention had great things to say about Simon’s presentation that included;

It wasn’t just mountain-top inspiration; it was real
Got me thinking about what is blocking me from what I need to do
Simon gave actionable subject and ideas; it wasn’t just a speech
The presentation had structure and focus
I liked that he offered free templates to help us with our business”,
Simon’s high net worth client worthiness concept was dead on. It was mind overload issue resolution. Simon gave many useful ideas to help me now!
The presentation was full of information and material was efficiently moved through in a ‘building block’ order”,
Simon was very knowledgeable and well prepared.
Don M. Esposito, CLU, ChFC, RHU
NAIFA Georgia Vice President

Simon, thanks for presenting at our National Advisor Summit. The value so many of our advisors gleaned from your session is readily apparent. Thanks again for your participation in helping make the Summit a success.
Neil D. Wernick
Chief Marketing Officer
Lincoln Investment
Wyncote, PA

“I really liked the simplicity that you offered in your One Page Business Plan presentation. So many people get that they need a business plan but there are no real definitions that define what a business plan is and your One Page Business Plan presentation provides that. I didn’t see all of the feedback forms but the ones that I saw rated your presentation 3, 3.5 and 4 out of 4.”
Wayne Daley
Advocis Program Chair Durham, Ontario
Freedom 55 Financial
Pickering ON

I loved Simon’s presentation. Clear Your Roadblocks has such a positive message and at the same time, it shows you how to dig deep and clear your mind of the negative self talk. From a practice management point of view, we were reminded to clear away some C and D clients, the people that drain you of energy and time that are not taking the kind of actions that A and B clients demonstrate. Everyone loved your presentation and I had great, great feedback. It was an amazing day. I think, having Simon as the first presenter really set the stage and tone so that people were excited about the entire day.”
Laura Johnson
Lenz Financial
NAIFA-Idaho Executive

“Enthusiastic presentation with material relevant to the real world. The clearing process was new to me.”
Orville Acton
Regional Director
Edward Jones

“In November 2010, NAIFA-Iowa launched a new program to bring MDRT quality speakers to four locations in our state. Simon Reilly of Leading Advisor was one of our speakers. Simon was a joy to work with, and our attendees gave his presentation very high marks. In response to our survey, 95 percent reported taking at least one thing away from the event that they could put to work in their practice immediately and 97 percent felt the program was worth their time away from the office. I personally got so much from his talk that I’ve retained him as my business coach. We’ve been working together for just over four months now, and I’ve already seen a vast improvement in my management company’s productivity and our bottom line.”
Michele Grassley Clarke
Executive Director NAIFA-Iowa
Cedar Falls, IA

“Our event in Victoria was appreciated by our island brokers who were in attendance. Thank you so much for your part in making the entire day enjoyable and informative. The feedback we have received from our brokers on this event has been great.”
Karen Smith
MGA, Marketing Specialist (2010)
Victoria, BC

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