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“It was a good presentation that I received a lot of positive feedback on. Our audience demographic was varied, from new to the business, right up to 40 plus years of experience. After your presentation, we had people saying, ‘Wow, that’s the basis I need to implement into my business.’ The advisors liked the handouts you provided. This material allowed them to ask the hard questions about what they are doing or not doing in their business. The advisors said that by hearing you speak, it was a really good call to action for them on things that they hadn’t considered in the past. Your presentation will impact our advisors who do want to take action, and they will have a better business because of attending your presentation.”
Duane Zappitelli
Sun Life Financial, Regional Vice President (2010)
Toronto, ON

“I was very pleased with Simon’s presentation.  He has fantastic energy and his material is very well packaged. His material is a mix of old and new, and certainly has the most complete and informative material, and he is the best presenter that I have seen deliver to our MGA in the last 24 months. He delivered value and excited the crowd. Simon delivered exactly what I expected, and I was pleased to see the number of people who responded by purchasing his book, that shows me that having Simon speak was a huge success.”
Michael Williams
BFG Financial Inc.,  President (2010)
Toronto, ON

“Simon is a very empathic and energetic speaker. He keeps your attention throughout his presentation, just by his energy, and he’s talking common sense to people. He provides a reaffirmation of goal setting, and stresses the importance of planning for your business. I got a lot of great feedback from our advisors. Simon covers what advisors should be doing for their business in order to be successful.”
Rocco Faiella
Faiella Financial, Managing Partner (2010)
Sudbury, ON

“Refreshing presentation and a reminder of things we should be doing daily in our business practices. I really enjoyed Simon’s enthusiasm and it was contagious with the audience, as I could see people nodding their heads as they listened to him. Simon has a unique ability to pull information together and present it in a great fashion. I had very good positive feedback from my advisors.”
Keith Pike
Paradigm Financial Advisors Inc., President (2010)
London, ON

“I received wonderful feedback about your Clear Your Roadblocks presentation from our financial advisors. It was more impactful than I expected and it struck a cord with both newer advisors and senior advisors alike.I believe that our boundaries are limited by our values which get formed in our early years and these can hold us back. You reminded each and every advisor about why they are a financial advisor and showed them practical ways to reignite their passion and build their business.”
Percival Chang – Sun Life Financial
Financial Centre Manager (2010)
Kelowna, BC

“I thoroughly enjoyed Simon’s Clear Your Roadblocks presentation!  The feedback I got from members has been extremely positive. The presentation was strong enough and well worth our time.”
Justine Zavitz,  B.Comm(Hons), CFP, RHU
Zavitz Insurance Inc.
Advocis London,  President ( 2010 )
London, ON

“Simon puts on a great session that will appeal to advisors at any stage of their career. He’s genuine, energetic and eager to help change the way you think. Definitely time well spent!”
Andy Cameron – Freedom 55 Financial
Advocis Kingston, Program Chair (2009)
Kingston, ON

“The presentation was directly addressing a common challenge of all in our business.”
David Gearing – Freedom 55 Financial
Advocis Sault Ste Marie, Program Chair (2009)
Sault Ste. Marie, ON

“It was a wonderful presentation and every one thoroughly enjoyed it. For us to see you come to life was a real treat. Simon, you got us all excited about why we are in this business. It was very professionally well done, thank you for that. I liked that you had married the antidotal with the hard facts.

You reminded us when challenging yourself the optimistic approach needs to be there so that we can be our best and allow that to come through. Your hands on approach with looking back over 90 days is something I have already implemented. We all set goals, quotas and we do all kinds of things but you really impressed, ‘where do you want to be in 90 days’. This was better framed than most time management or goal setting strategies I have heard.

You’ve got a fan on the East side of the country. I’ve read your book cover to cover in one read. Now I need to read it again. I liked that you made reference to other works so that we can delve deeper if we wish. You offered different concepts and again it’s the way you phrased it and delivered it. You made us more open to hearing. I know Karin O’Reilly was really excited as well; we came back to the office and said, ‘the ones who missed your presentation, that will be their demise.”
Laura Stanton – Freedom 55 Financial
Advocis North Bay, Co-Program Chair (2009)
North Bay, ON

“Simon reminded us that the heart of our presentation is to be able to tell a story that associates the client to the value of what we do. The client will actually have an emotional response and be moved to solving something that they are now concerned about, a potential financial problem which life insurance can resolve.”
Roland Clark, CLU – FM Brokerage
Advocis Thompson Okanagan Chapter, Treasurer (2009)
Kelowna, BC

“Simon’s presentation was very well received by our group.  There was a lot of content in the presentation.  I’m sure there was something for everyone to relate to.  The main message that I derived from the presentation was the importance of creating a plan in November for the New Year.  I will be sitting down and planning for next year.  I likely would have put this off until January had I not heard your presentation.

During the Q&A, you were asked, “What does the successful advisor look like?”  You carefully deliberated before responding, and gave a very thought-provoking response.

Thanks for taking the time to visit us.  You definitely captured our interest!”
Marion Humphries – Interglobe Financial Services Corp.
Advocis Sudbury, Program Chair (2009)
Sudbury, ON

image“The Sales Congress was one of the better ones we had. Finishing off with you definitely put the icing on the cake. It made for a very worthwhile Sales Congress.

I just came from a presentation with Bill Clinton, and you are a better speaker and you have much more energy and emotion.

I was very impressed with your energy level, and how you related to the advisors and how you connected with them in a very short period of time. I personally know most of the advisors who were in attendance and this was confirmed by their comments, their attention to your speaking, and their written testimonials. In hindsight, I would have had you speak for the full morning.

Your insights about “defining your values”, “emotionally retired” and “reinvention” captivated me, and I’m looking forward to reading your book.

Next time you are out to speak, you definitely will be one of the 3 speakers I book; if not just Simon Reilly for the entire Sales Congress!”
Tony Joyce – Freedom 55 Financial
Advocis Newfoundland and Labrador President (2009)
St. John’s, NL

“Simon Reilly’s Curing The Unmet Needs Disease – How To Thrive In Business By Meeting Your Unmet Needs presentation was an incredible kick off for our Advocis Chapter for 2009. The best thing about the presentation was his pre-presentation interview process. Simon interviewed us in advance to understand the unique concerns, demographics and issues that are going on in our area. He customized his presentation to suit our region instead of delivering a canned presentation about what might be going in some far away metropolis. Members of the audience were engaged because he really addressed our issues and concerns on a Chapter level. We all appreciated this as we were given solutions that we can use in our practice right now. What surprised us the most was the enthusiasm and passion that he brought to the presentation. We will definitely have Simon back to speak in 2010!”
Chad Buell – Freedom 55 Financial
Advocis Bay of Quinte Program Chair (2009)
Belleville, ON

“I listen and react to passion and Simon is certainly not in it for the money. Countless people came up to me after the presentation to comment on his commitment, energy and how his passion flows right through to the audience. He presented his information in such an organized way, clear, concise, and engaging. Our expectations of Simon’s presentation were definitely met!!”
Angela Houle – McAuley Financial Services
Advocis Ottawa Program Committee (2008)
Ottawa, ON

“Simon’s Clear Your Roadblocks Speaking Presentation was blunt, upfront, honest and he told the real truth. He shared insights to help financial advisors understand the roadblocks and take action towards creating new business rather than resting on their service commissions and trailer fees. Some say that my position as the Advocis Ottawa 2009 Program Chair will be a challenging one. Simon’s presentation helped me to understand how to be more proactive and inspired me to take action now to get 25% of the 2009 Program Chair  work done in 2008.”
John Saikaley – Desjardins Financial Security
Advocis Ottawa Program Chair (2009)
Ottawa, ON

“Simon is a freebie marketing genius. His presentation is loaded with content.”
Kate McCaffery – Advisor.ca
Practice Management Editor (2008)
Toronto, ON

“Good, clear, and lively.”
Al Emid – The Insurance Journal
Senior Journalist, Toronto Bureau (2008)
Toronto, ON

“Simon clearly has a lot of enthusiasm and passion for what he does and he shares this through his presentation style. His Removing Your Roadblocks Presentation is loaded with a lot of information on increasing your business and whets your appetite for more. Simon’s presentation was part of our Spring 2008 Campaign Kick Off and one of our financial advisors commented, ‘it was the best campaign kick off that we have ever had”.
Graham Calder – London Life/Freedom 55
Director, Business Development (2008)
Nanaimo, BC

“The Removing Your Roadblocks To Success Presentation invited the audience to look at the key areas of their business causing them to do a self evaluation on their own practice and understand the roadblocks that stop them from going to the next level. Simon brought forward and instilled a level of excitement and enthusiasm about financial services which our industry may have gotten away from through the education process which can sometimes get too heavily into the technical side on products. His presentation was refreshing and was a great way to end our Educational Event.”
Neil Kellock – Ontario Regional Marketing Centre Canada Life
Regional Marketing Consultant (2008)
Toronto, ON

“Removing Your Roadblocks drew the largest crowd and was the most engaging lunch and learn presented by the Calgary chapter so far in 2008. We didn’t receive one negative comment. Simon brought enthusiasm to the presentation right from the get go, causing the audience to immediately look up from their lunch because there was something that was really going on. The presentation addressed how to leverage the advisor’s time and challenged the audience to determine whether they were busy doing $20 & $25 per hour work. This really resonated with people and caused them to ask themselves whether they were choosing to really invest in their business or just sit and be frustrated with the paperwork. We can all be busy just being busy. But Simon spoke about the need for prioritization, being leaders and making a positive impact on both our clientele and staff. The presentation also addressed succession planning for the financial advisor. The reality is that it doesn’t make sense for financial advisors to talk to their clients and prospects about succession planning and then not practice what they preach. Simon really caused the audience to look at the emotional side of their business and to understand that in times of change the best get better and the worst disappear.”
Jeff Dyck – PPI Financial Group
Advocis Calgary Program Chair ( 2008 )
Calgary, AB

mtourondedited“I consult with advisors across Canada. Your content hits the nail right between the eyes! There is someone out there that really gets it.”
Michael Tourond – Director Of Communications, GAMA Canada Tourond Financial
Best Practices Chair, Advocis Greater Hamilton Chapter (2007)
Hamilton, ON

“Sincerity, humor, enthusiasm – genuine concern about the succession problems of ageing financial advisors. He is much more computer savvy than expected with lots of credible research to back up his points. Simon distinguished himself from being a motivational speaker. Simon’s presentation is all solid practice management material and ranks right up there with comparable speakers like Wayne Cotton.”
Terry J. McBride, B.Comm., CLU, CFP – Tax and Estate Planner Raymond James Ltd.
President, Advocis North Central Saskatchewan (2007)
Saskatoon, SK

“Simon’s Removing Your Roadblocks To Success Presentation was far better than I expected. Simon’s energy along with the presentation captivated the audience and many were furiously taking notes. We all felt that we needed to hear more.”
Laurianne Osmak, CLU – Insurance & Investment Specialist Rudichuk Agencies Ltd.
Programs and PD Days Chair, Advocis, Central Saskatchewan (2007)
Wakaw, SK


“Removing Your Roadblocks To Success is a different approach emphasizing that you really have to a have a strong foundation for your vision and business plan to stand on. I was anticipating rah, rah motivation and we received a much more serious approach. It’s easy to spout off … Simon really understands what we are going through and I would have been happy to listen to Simon for hours as his information really hit home causing us to be at full attention, not letting our minds wander off. Simon delivers his presentation with enthusiasm and his presentation is logical, thoughtful and well laid out. His approach is empathetic and hits home on the issues we are facing in our industry providing a step by step understanding to helping to eliminate the roadblocks that we are facing.”
Rick Kelly – Branch Manager, Investment Planning Counsel
President Advocis North Western Ontario (2007)
Thunder Bay, ON

www.ipcamethyst.com/ourteam/Richard_Kelly.aspx www.advocis.ca/content/chapters/profiles/nw-ontario.html

“I want to thank you once again for presenting to our group. Your presentation was well received with good comments coming out of it and some stating they were going to do some of the follow up work you had suggested – I being one of them.” Thanks again Simon!
Elden D. Morais, CLU, Ch.F.C., – CFP National Manager, Individual Life Sales and Marketing The CUMIS Group (2007)
Gatineau, QC

“Thanks to you for taking time out of your busy seminar schedule to deliver your presentation in Regina. I really enjoyed your presentation, as I felt that you delivered material that was applicable to both new agents and seasoned agents. As for me personally, I liked that you spoke about the steps to building a foundation for your business. In addition, I enjoyed hearing your personal stories, as I try to use personal stories during my presentations to the Reps that I work with in the field. As for what I received that I did not expect, was how much information that you have gathered and the scientific research that you have done on the financial services industry. Best wishes for your continued success!”
Jeffrey M. Locke, BA, MBA, CFP, CLU, RHU – Regional Sales Manager, Desjardins Financial Security
Programs and PD Days Chair, Advocis, S. Sask. (2007)
Regina, SK

“Thanks again for coming out to speak at our event, and for the brief conversation that we had following your presentation. What I liked about the presentation was the amount of energy and passion you displayed. As per our conversation, I felt it really hit the nail on the head with the “road blocks” I and others encounter. A lot made sense after I heard your whole presentation. I was very impressed with the presentation. Thanks, and look forward to speaking with you soon.”
Steven Bakouris – Financial Security Advisor Freedom 55 Financial
Programs and PD Days Chair, Advocis, S. Sask. (2007)
Regina, SK

“Your passion and enthusiasm just shines through. I particularly like the way you present “Being” an Advisor versus “Doing” Sales. You speak enthusiastically and passionately about what you believe in. This translates to the audience and they get inspired by the energy of your presence along with the valuable insights that you have to offer.”
Nicole (Nicky) Sung – CFP, CLU, CH.F.CPresident Financial Management (BC) Inc (2006)
Vancouver, BC


“Simon Reilly embraced and engaged our Advocis Education Day right from the start by taking the time to interview us in advance of our event to enable him to groom and mould his “Removing Your Roadblocks” Presentation to address the needs of our geographic area and audience. Simon is a dynamic and engaging speaker and kept our audience captivated and engaged providing an excellent and informative presentations that was presented in terms that were simple and easy to understand, providing insight about the issues and opportunities that are going on in our industry. We received excellent feedback from our attendees and we would welcome the opportunity for him to speak again.”
David Janzen – Financial Advisor, Premier Financial
Program Chair, Advocis, Westman (2006)
Brandon, MB

“Removing Your Roadblocks was very well received and intrigued Financial Advisors to step out of the box and examine their practice in a completely different way. For me, Simon’s presentation caused me to really think and evaluate how my personally can influence and drive both my relationship to my practice and my relationship to my clients. The Leading Advisor web site provides ongoing support for continued advisor and practice development.”
Robert McGuire – President, McGuire Financial Services
Vice President, Advocis New Brunswick (2006)
Saint John, NB

“Simon’s speaking presentation, “Removing Your Mental Roadblocks To High Productivity”, causes you to critically reflect on yourself and your practice to determine if you are really achieving what you want out of your business. It forces the question, ‘Are you honestly looking at building a business with a vision, or just making a living?”
Doug Knight – Knight Financial
President, Advocis North Okanagan(2006)
Kelowna, BC

“Simon’s presentation was excellent and he knew his audience, hit the important issues, was able to challenge us & blend it all with humor & love for the human spirit.”
Ian Fordyce – IPC Investment Corp. (2006)
Williams Lake, BC

“Simon is clearly one of our most passionate and inspiring speakers. We are pleased to be able to provide our audiences with Simon’s unique and scientific approach that shows financial advisors how to lay the foundation for a practice based on advising vs. selling, wealth management and referrals. By the end of 2006, Simon will have completed over 25 speaking presentations for Pro-Seminars right across Canada to hundreds and hundreds of financial advisors to nothing short of rave reviews.”
Alex Nicholson
Vice-President Pro-Seminars (2006)
Beamsville, ON

“Simon’s years of experience in professional and business development really comes across, his professional speaking style is very inspirational and one really comes away with ideas and tools that they can implement into their business right away.”
Frank C. Allen – CFP, CLU, C.H.F.C – The Frank Allen Financial Group Inc.
Past President Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce
Past President of The Rotary of North Nanaimo (2006)
Nanaimo, BC

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