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Testimonials from The Inspirational Tipping Point, Generations Financial Resources Summit Meeting, July 31, 2015

“It was good to know you’re on TED talks. I liked the opportunity for the One Page Business Plan.”

Beth French
French Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

“Simon’s presentation had a positive, uplifting nature; a really fantastic presentation. I enjoyed the 90-10 explanation, reaffirming how important one’s emotions are. We received an opportunity for an evaluation process and business plan.”

Kimberly Tarley
Generations Financial Resources

“I had the realization that my amygdala is working hard and I need to work on my personal operating system.”

Jason Wong
Generations Financial Resources

“Simon talked about the difference between motivation and inspiration. I had never heard it explained like that. He explained that the amygdala is working all the time and you can silence that voice through inner self-worth.”

Terah Malievsky

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