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Testimonials from Advocis Bay of Quinte – Belleville, On – January 16, 2009

“It was an energetic, honest and to-the-point presentation that re-affirmed what needs to be done…rediscover the passion!”
Jane Simpson – Jane Simpson Financial

“Understanding the roadblocks – this is easier with a guide and that’s exactly what Simon was! Who do you need to become to receive what you want – great information just like the concept that the needs must be met.”
Judy Timpson – Independent Planning Group Inc.

“Discovered information that related to me more than I thought it would. Great energy and advice.”
Matthew Dewey – Industrial Alliance

“I found answers, new perspectives and discovered that there is still hope. You connected with the audience and I not only felt comfortable; I believed!”
Gail D. Kevan – Freedom 55 Financial

“What volume of information and energy you brought! I have a clearer understanding of what I need to do to myself first in order for my business to prosper.”
Julia Dicks – Sun Life Financial

“Great enthusiasm and insight! I look forward to reading your E-Newsletter. I realized how much my negative emotions and reactions are probably affecting my success.”
Trevor Evans – Freedom 55 Financial

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