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Testimonials from Pro-Seminars – Calgary, AB – January 15, 2009

“Lots of energy and good ideas.”
Robert Bietz – Scotia McLeod

“Simon Reilly’s presentation was positive and full of invigorating energy. The “unmet needs” made total sense to me. I have a tool to help me focus and create real action with a 90 day & 5 year plan.”
Betty Collard

“Energetic and concise delivery of key messages. Learned easy-to-do actions to implement for 2009 business planning.”
Jennifer Magnard – RBD Insurance

“Great focus on the business plan, vision and 90 day goals.”
Judith Shiels – Financial Management

“Discovered valuable information reinforced about having everyone in your organization participate in goal setting. I really liked the way Simon speaks with such conviction.”
Barbara Kwasnik – Desjardins Financial Security

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