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Testimonials from Pro-Seminars – Winnipeg, MB – January 21, 2009

“You helped me identify what is wrong. I couldn’t put my finger on it, until I heard you speak. Great encouragement, thank you, I will be calling to discuss working together.”
Darrell Leganchuk – Primerica Financial Services

“Alive. Simon was alive, excited and very entertaining. The presentation expanded and complimented all the other books I am reading. Lots of confirmation and reassurance. Simons spoke to the exact stage of my personal development. Simon definitely exceeded what I expected!”
Kory Brown – Primerica Financial Services

“Reminded me of why I started in the business so many years ago.”
Darren Bradford – MGI Financial

“Very interesting material and delivered with passion.”
Jim Oliver – CUMIS Insurance

“Positive, interactive with the audience, high energy, and great humor. Thanks for the ideas that I can use right now in my business.”
Anni Markmann – MGI Rice Financial

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