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I’ve developed various financial advisor training workshops to help you plan your business and build your team and systems to hire and retain the best advisors and assistants and more.

The Inspirational Tipping Point Speakers Notes from the June 2015 MDRT ( Million Dollar Round Table ) in New Orleans


Welcome to The Inspirational Tipping Point Presentation. It is an honor to speak at the Million Dollar Round Table.

First seek to understand. When there is judgement there can be no understanding. When there is defense there can be no understanding. When there is doubt there can be no understanding. When there is fear there can be no understanding

Everyone in this room is successful; at the same time we understand that there is always another level of success.

The purpose of this presentation is to:

  • Help you to meet and exceed your goals, identify your strengths and roadblocks.
  • Help you to understand that 10% of success is about How and What to do and 90% of success is about Why.
  • Help you to create a bigger Values-based vision, improve leadership, time management and delegation, and from this strong foundation increase your production.
  • Explain the missing links that are preventing you from understanding your next level of success.
  • Offer you some missing links, and they are understanding the difference between inspiration and motivation, and understanding the difference between Values and Unmet Needs.

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Breakthrough! – How To Breakthrough “The Plateauing Out Syndrome”! E-Book, PowerPoint

Financial Advisor Training - How to Breakthrough!

Have you managed to maintain the same levels of production through recent events?

Are you struggling to figure out how to “grow” your business in real terms?

“The Plateauing Out Syndrome” was coined by the members of The Million Dollar Round Table. With the advent of “The New Normal” contributing to clients taking longer and longer to make decisions, Breaking Through “The Plateau” seems more daunting than ever.

For some, the pace of business isn’t what it used to be contributing to thoughts like, “is this all there is?”, and “what am I doing this for?”, and “what is the use?”

“When there is understanding, there is no judgment. When there is judgment, there can be no understanding or inspiration”.

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Advisor and Assistant Hiring

Financial Advisor Training - Advisor and Assistant Hiring
Any job requires the correct values and behaviors. When a person reads your ad, they sometimes say that they can do the job and adapt their style and tell you what you want to hear … selling themselves and you if you are not careful … problem is some cannot sustain the act, the values and behaviors that they are adapting to and it all comes crashing down and then it becomes your fault that they can’t do the job… a fatal attraction – a hiring nightmare.

Even if you check their references, the names that are offered seldom share specifics,

We have hired many administrative assistants, marketing assistants and juniors advisors over the years for our clients, and we have benchmarked the values and behaviors that are required for each of the positions so that the qualified candidates that you finally short list, can then do a personal values and behaviors assessment.

Then we say hire them, they are a 10 out of 10 hire them quick, or they are a 7 out of 10 and this is what you will have to do to coach them so that they can sustain the job, or they are a 3 dressed up as a 9 and they are only wasting your time.

The fee for the values and behaviors assessments complete with a 20 minute telephone assessment debriefing with me is $400.00. Please contact moc.r1566356743osivd1566356743agnid1566356743ael@y1566356743llier1566356743l @ a1566356743ruaL1566356743.

The assessments will give you additional tools to communicate, manage and motivate the new employee.

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Curing the Unmet Needs Disease Book

Leading Financial Advisor Coach - Curing the Unmet Needs Disease Financial Advisor Edition
In Simon’s latest book you’ll discover the REAL reason why you are frustrated, stressed, and falling short of your financial goals.

There is a cure for this disease, but you won’t find it in a motivational seminar or a workshop on closing techniques. Nor will you be able to cure it yourself by working harder or spending more time prospecting. It’s deeper than that.

Discover the REAL reason why you are frustrated, stressed, and falling short of your financial goals.

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Point Click Plan


Create Your Business Plan in 90 Minutes – With the Fastest, Easiest Tool on the Market!

Point, Click, Plan!™ is designed to help you write a clear, concise, and understandable business plan on a single page in the quickest and simplest way possible. This self-paced, interactive learning tool teaches you how to create a One Page Business Plan… as you write! It contains everything you need to craft a One Page Plan in far less time than is needed compared to any other “conventional” planning process.

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Values & Behaviors Team Building Workshop

Team Building WorkshopLeading Advisor has an outstanding Values & Behaviors Based Team Building Workshop that also integrates Communication, Customer Service, Management and Sales.

We have successfully delivered our Team Building Workshop to the following fine companies; FM Financial, Global TV, Integral Financial, The News Group ( A member of the Jim Pattison Group of Companies ) and WorldLux.


The one – day workshop includes:

  • A needs analysis meeting prior to the workshop date customized to your requirements
  • A 37 page Values & Behaviors Assessments for each of your attendees
  • A review of all team members assessments with you in advance of the workshop to identify assessments where there are significant challenges
  • One-Day “Values & Behaviors Based Team Building” workshop
  • 2 – 3  1 hour telephone follow up/debriefing sessions 30/60/90 days after completion

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Values Discovery Process

Create long-lasting and sustainable change in your financial advisor business.
Fix your problems, rid yourself of the emotions that are sabotaging your business, and deprogram yourself from negative emotional influences to create an elevated sense of consciousness and awareness.
Why is it that, while 85% of advisors have the best Practice Management resources available to them, they still struggle?

Could it be that 85% of advisors are using the same Practice Management recipe book that has been used for the last hundred years?

Are you ready for something new that is going to help you create long-lasting and sustainable change in your business?

  • Feeling lost because of your lack of vision for the future?
  • Feeling inadequate because you either don’t have a business plan or, if you do, you have not looked at your business plan months?
  • Feeling unhappy with your production?
  • Feeling frustrated by being pulled in too many directions at once?

Are you ready to wake up and fix your problems and rid yourself of the emotions that are sabotaging your business?

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