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Simon’s Confessions Of A Tired Mind

Simon Reilly | October 22, 2018 | Filed: Mind and Body

Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind Awareness Attitude Concept

Most of us have been watching the Kavanaugh confirmation.

Most Canadian’s have been keeping an eye on the NAFTA / USMCA negotiations.

Laura and I were having lunch in the Chicago airport when the verdict on the Jason Van Dyke trial was broadcast across the monitors.

I was watching my tired mind’s curiosity about both the Kavanaugh confirmation and the Jason Van Dyke trial.

My tired mind;

  • Just finishing a 3-day FPA Conference in Chicago
  • In advance of a Chicago to Vancouver flight home
  • Being away 19 of the last 24 days

Just like the Kavanaugh confirmation, I was watching my tired mind’s curiosity switch to who may be right or wrong in the Jason Van Dyke trial.

Why is my mind so occupied with who may be right or wrong? And why is my mind occupied with so much Information, Media, and News?

At a deep level, my overtired, over-occupied mind, consumed by too much Information, Media, and News, believes that it is being judged and condemned.

The mind’s medication to alleviate its own self-inflicted pain from feeling judged and condemned is to watch Information, Media, and News about others who are being judged and condemned.

Instead of outside medication to alleviate the feeling of being judged and condemned, turn inside to breathing and meditation to dissolve the false belief of being judged and condemned.

Bob Buckley
Bob BuckleyStrategic Financial Partners
Memphis, TN
The best part of working with Simon was the realization of having two hands clapping. In my day to day I have great ideas, plans and strategies, but without accountability a large portion of them tend to be unorganized, unimplemented and unsuccessful. Simon’s experience in bringing forward some tough conversations, difficult exercises and invaluable resources to open my perspective on life and business has helped me to set up a values-based foundation to move forward. Simon’s accountability and connection with me on many levels to have both of our experience coalescent into the coaching material has been an unexpected level of value.  I look forward to continuing my work with Simon to fine tune my foundation, accelerate my learning and ultimately create a smoother, sounder and more grounded business and personal life.

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