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Getting To The Next Level Of Fulfillment, Happiness And Joy

Simon Reilly | November 1, 2017 | Filed: Client Emails

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Laura and I had the absolute best conference experience at the WIFS – Woman In Financial Services Conference last week in Minneapolis, October 25 – 27, 2017.

I had a coaching call with a client right after the conference and here is the e-mail that I sent to my client in follow up to the coaching call. During my coaching call, I shared some of my WIFS conference experience. Thank you to Aprille Trupiano as I included one of your ideas from your WIFS speaking presentation; 5 Invaluable Laws Of Growth You Can Use To Break Through The Glass Ceiling.

Dear Don,

Our call was about getting to the next level of fulfillment, happiness and joy so that you can do more of what you love, your vocation – adding value to your clients, and finding a way to be able to delegate more of what you would rather not do.

I honestly believe this conversation goes far beyond goal setting because you set a goal, you achieve the result and you’ve got pretty well everything conceivable that one could ever want in relation to material things.

What people are looking for now is the experience and it’s about fulfillment, happiness and joy. When you experience fulfillment, happiness and joy, it’s when you are doing what you love.

So this goes back to your word discipline – organizing your time so that you are creating buffer time slots to be able to create space for when the magic happens. When you are getting the inspiration to be able to step back away from all the details and the doing and the doing and the doing, which quite frankly absorbs the joy out of what it is that we love to do.

Again, you want to be time blocking and at the same time emptying your mind. Get into the practice of meditation to be able to create space, absent from the mind that is always thinking, to be able to maintain it’s identify.

Your priorities of activity are the following:

  1. Valuing yourself
  2. Creating revenue
  3. Identifying the things that need to be done, delegating as many of them as you can to be able to remain in integrity.

It’s great to hear that you are creating a list of things that one of your assistants can do for you virtually. This could include doing some bookkeeping and some telephone work.


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