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#GAMA #LAMP March 17-20, 2019 Grapevine, TX – Inspirational Leadership In The Age Of Consumerism

Simon Reilly | December 17, 2018 | Filed: GAMA LAMP, Speaking

Leading Advisor | GAMA LAMP 2019 Speaking

Inspirational Leadership In The Age Of Consumerism

Inspirational Leaders, Managers and Advisors are in love with WHY they do what they do, as the love for HOW & WHAT to do is unsustainable.

Inspirational Leaders, Managers and Advisors are passionate about mentoring, developing, growing and inspiring their team, creating careers of significance and becoming the best, passionate version of themselves.

While Leaders, Managers and Advisors know HOW & WHAT to do, the absence of WHY creates challenges with balance, complacency, delegation, fear, procrastination, qualification, rejection, stress, time and overwhelm, all of which crowd out action, confidence, commitment, consistency, energy, focus, inspiration, practices, production and vision.

Inspirational Leaders, Managers and Advisors understand that Success is 10% about HOW & WHAT to do and 90% of success is about WHY you do what you do. Defining yourself first by WHY you do what you do is more important than HOW & WHAT you do. It’s about WHY business gets done, not about HOW & WHAT business gets done. Inspirational Leaders, Managers and Advisors understand how to lead with intention, purpose and compassion, and know how to be, and help others be, the best possible version of themselves. They know how to bring various issues to light and solve them. Inspirational Leadership, Management and Advice is critical to the team, inspiring the team to have purpose and meaning beyond the tasks they perform day to day. Management is telling people what to do; Leadership is inspiring people by exhibiting your core values. Inspirational Leadership, Management and Advice helps the team understand what their values are, linking their values to goals and activities. Success becomes more values based, giving up the needs of approval, control, perfection, power, safety, worthiness, and judgment, and experiencing limitless consciousness beginning with the self, in the moment, with self-awareness, through mindfulness. Inspiration must be Managed to get out of your head and be in the moment, to be grateful and compassionate, a spectator of your own thoughts, and to be of service to others. Compassion and mindfulness are not a choice; they are a requirement for success, from which all Leadership, Management and Advice should be taking place.

Simon Reilly is an Advocis, FPA, GAMA LAMP, MDRT, NAIFA and TEDx Speaker with over 20 years of experience coaching successful Leaders, Managers and Advisors, as he helps them discover the difference between Motivation and Inspiration – Inspiration is to influence, move or guide from within based on Values; Motivation is influenced by unsustainable Unmet Needs.

The Leading Advisor Coaching Process will help you eliminate fear and the challenges you face, bringing inspiration, energy, and vision back to you and your team.

Leading Advisor offers Leaders, Managers & Advisors Coaching Programs to inspire, develop and grow to create a career of significance and become the best passionate Values based version of themselves.


“When there is no understanding, there is judgment. When there is judgment, there can be no understanding or inspiration.” – Simon Reilly


Hal Otey
Hal OteyHal Otey Financial
Memphis TN
The Leading Advisor Coaching program has helped me to bring clarity to my work days. Working through the assignments has brought me to think through things and arrive at each task and meeting more focused. The coaching program has also helped us to build and strengthen the core of our team.

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