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Survey Questions & Answers In Advance Of Speaking – GAMA LAMP Conference March 11-14, 2018 Nashville, TN

Simon Reilly | February 14, 2018 | Filed: Financial Advisor Speaking, GAMA LAMP

Gama Lamp 2018 Survey

To gain a deeper understanding of the GAMA LAMP Conference audience, the following survey was sent out to select GAMA LAMP Members.

I’ve taken the liberty to narrow down the answers for delivery of the following speaking presentation; Becoming a Compassionate, Inspirational Leaders and Manager.

Why do YOU do what you do?

  • Help clients, advisors and staff live a good quality of life
  • Inspire others to be the best version of themselves
  • Train and develop advisors to find their true passion and unique ability
  • Impact future generations

What do YOU like about it?

  • Help families reach their dreams
  • Help advisors uncover their fullest entrepreneurial potential
  • Increase income and independence
  • Recruit, relate to and train agents

What is not so great about it?

  • Administration, Compliance, DOL, Rejection and Ungratefulness
  • Being graded on number of recruits rather than quality of recruits
  • Frustration; trying to help others who don’t want to help themselves
  • Lack of balance; long hours, rejection and stress

What are the 3 biggest improvements YOU want to make? 

  • Accountability to increase productivity and results
  • Find more time for self-development and fierce conversations with the team
  • Implement more up-to-date technology and improve client support
  • Recruit more quality advisors and increase advisor retention
  • Spend more time with family friends and have better balance
  • Be a better, more grounded, knowledgeable, and healthy leader
  • Increase focus and reduce fear

What are the 3 biggest roadblocks holding YOU back?

  • Head office interference of administration and recruiting – misaligned visions
  • Lack of delegation, resources and time
  • The need of more efficient sources of recruiting
  • Not hiring/firing the agents I need to
  • Breaking through the controlling and scarcity mentality
  • Fear of change, failure, delegating, and disrupting productivity
  • Lack of personal and professional coaching and development
  • Reluctance to implement new ideas

What are the 3 biggest improvements ADVISORS/AGENTS want to make?

  • Become a more efficient business owner and build a team
  • Market and prospect with qualified prospects more consistently via technology and in-person
  • Multi-licenced and more products placed per household
  • Task and time management
  • Be prepared and more balanced

What are the 3 biggest roadblocks holding ADVISORS/AGENTS back?

  • Lack of money, talent and time to invest in their business and team
  • Industry pressures, compliance, and changing regulatory issues
  • Task management and technology
  • A clear path to success in the future
  • Fear of rejection and lack of confidence
  • Poor time management and bad habits
  • Prospecting, discipline and staying focused

Karen Rutledge | Leading Advisor
November, 2017
Karen Rutledge
Karen Rutledge Ins. Agency Inc.
Joplin, MO

I’ve always wanted to be the person that people could rely on for structure and to be a source in helping them get over whatever hurdles they have in their lives. Through a few coaching sessions, I have come to the realization that I am in the position right now both personally and professionally to be this source of structure to help others reach and exceed their goals. Above all else, the coaching program has helped me to stay focused. Stay focused on appreciating myself and appreciating others. Although I have received value from all of the assignments and accountability so far in my coaching program, my favorite tool is the Clean Sweep. This resource is one of the most direct activities I have seen to keep a person focused on removing chaos in our world today and carve the space to focus on items that truly matter, building a successful business and personal foundation.



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