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I Might Be Committing Sin #4 & Of Amy Mcllwain’s Seven Deadly Social Media Sins

Simon Reilly | August 12, 2011 | Filed: Social Media

According to Amy Mcllwain of Financial Social Media, these are The Seven Deadly Social Media Sins:

1. No Social Media Compliance Policy
2. No Social Media Strategy
3. No Archiving Software
4. Mixing Personal and Professional
5. Ranking Quantity over Quality
6. Push Marketing
7. Failing to Follow-up

Here Sin #4.

4. Mixing Personal and Professional. So you had a fun time last weekend – dancing, drinking and having a good time at a friend’s wedding – and consequently a few tagged pictures of you appear on Facebook. There’s nothing wrong with sharing those photos with personal friends and family, but the last thing you want is for a client to see those photos and find you unprofessional. Maybe you’re a huge Packers fan, but your clients are not, and posting status updates about their amazing Superbowl win may irk them a little bit. The bottom line? You need to separate your personal and professional relationships on all social networks. Create lists in Facebook and change your privacy settings. Don’t post incriminating content that you wouldn’t want your professional connections to see.

While I have a separate personal FaceBook site from Leading Advisor’s Fan Page, I do share what Laura and I do personally to demonstrate that we are walking our talk when it comes to having balance in our lives and it is also about sharing your authentic self on social media and here is an example of what i am talking about in; What Percentage Of Advisors Show Their Authentic Self?

What do you think?

Am I committing Social Media Sin #4?

At the same time, don’t dance, drink or drive on business social media.

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2 Responses to “I Might Be Committing Sin #4 & Of Amy Mcllwain’s Seven Deadly Social Media Sins”

  1. Amanda on August 19th, 2011 6:17 am

    Great points Simon! I think there is a very fine line when it comes to mixing personal and professional whether it’s online or off. I think the key is using your discretion in determining what’s appropriate to share to certain people and what’s not. I love sharing my personal ventures with my professional contacts, it’s simply having the ability to decide what content is shareable that will allow you to walk that personal-professional line successfully.

  2. Simon on August 29th, 2011 8:15 am

    Hi Amanda, It was great meeting you in Las Vegas at the Senior Market Advisor Expo and thanks for your comment. I agree with you and “it’s simply having the ability to decide what content is shareable”. It is kind of like behave on-line the way you would behave anywhere else because what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas, it is about social media common sense which so many people seem to lack these days.

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