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3 Tips To Illuminate Your Time, Productivity & Online Presence This September

Simon Reilly | September 5, 2018 | Filed: Time Management

You’ve had a great summer and now you’re wondering how you’re going to get your time and productivity back on track this September.

With 97 days and counting off the “speaking” road, our summer on Vancouver Island has been wonderful for Laura and me and included; art shows, concerts, hiking, kayaking, home upgrades, running and walking Shadow, visiting friends and yoga.

Since June 1, I have also dedicated 18 solid days to creating a brand new online course that we will launch in December. There comes a time in everyone’s business life where they must create the time to refine what was done before. Read further for my 25 online course tasks/to-dos.

With the Gray rainy days of the fall approaching, combined with a very busy coaching, speaking and online course writing schedule, here’s what I did to Illuminate My Time & Productivity.

  1. Created a Time Management Schedule Template
  2. Colored in days for the following;
    • Green – free, holiday – time off
    • Blue – buffer – time to work on the business versus in the business with clients and prospects
    • Red – clients and prospects
    • Orange – travel and writing
    • White – exhibiting and speaking
    • Yellow – filming and writing
  3. Illuminated my travel, filming and writing days to enable us to launch a brand new online coaching course in December


In the absence of Illumination there is only Gray and you have to kick at the darkness of your Time Management System until it bleeds daylight.

In the absence of Illumination I can have a tendency to skip from one task/to-do to the next and not dedicate the time to drill down deep into the successful completion of a new project. With a very busy coaching, speaking and online course writing schedule, it would be very easy for my mind to skip along the surface of the task/to-do list unless I Illuminate and go deep. This is especially true in respect to focusing my upcoming 12 days of travel time on the online course writing.

Here are all the online course tasks/to-dos that I’ve been working on since March to Launch in December.

  1. Exhibit and speak at GAMA LAMP 2018 and gain insight on creating a more marketable and scalable coaching program via online courses – complete
  2. Enroll in and complete four online courses on how to create, film and launch online courses – complete
  3. Write online course task/to-do list – complete
  4. Commit to exhibit and speak at GAMA LAMP 2019 as a Silver Sponsor – complete
  5. Write Value Proposition – complete
  6. Write and edit our new online course – complete
  7. Time management schedule – complete
  8. Write course launch
  9. Schedule photo shoot
  10. Video studio equipment purchase and test
  11. Write course video highlights and course launch video highlights
  12. Write course title and secure domain
  13. Enroll in Facebook, Google, LinkedIn Ads courses and Facebook Group course
  14. Video course and course launch
  15. Graphics / Sketchnotes draft and subcontract
  16. Complete Facebook, Google, LinkedIn Ads course
  17. Write Facebook, Google, LinkedIn Ads
  18. Design new website – complete
  19. Subcontract course website, Facebook Group and Ads
  20. Complete Facebook Group course
  21. Launch course sequenced to; Ads, GAMA, Leading Advisor, NAIFA
  22. Launch monthly subscription
  23. Launch weekly podcasts / vlogs
  24. Launch webinars
  25. Launch interviews
  26. Launch joint ventures

With a very busy coaching and 12 city speaking schedule September – November; in the absence of  Illumination the online course will not launch or Illuminate in December and only be fifty shades of gray.

Julie Hale-Miller
Julie Hale-MillerCountry Financial
Chatham IL
The Leading Advisor Coaching Program is truly a unique and engaging experience for anyone that decides to challenge themselves to work alongside Simon & Laura. After working through the homework and coaching sessions I am the most appreciative of the fact that the program allows me to use my faith through the process verses it being secular. After only a few sessions I can see myself starting to shift. I realize now that all of my learning and experiences up to this point have truly prepared me for this program and everything being tied together. The program has pushed my boundaries and even though I may not embrace change at the same pace as some, with the respectful, understanding and holistic approach I can now easily bring about sustainable change.

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