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What Do I Do To Maintain My Inspiration?

What Do I Do To Maintain My Inspiration?

This year is the strongest start to a year that I can remember to fulfill our Values, Vision, Mission and Purpose

To support the strong start for 2018 we have an incredible amount of projects on the go that include;

  • systems improvements in the areas of; accounting, bookkeeping, CRM and information management
  • marketing initiatives that are interconnected with exhibiting and speaking at events for FPA, GAMA LAMP, NAIFA and WIFS. These events are linked with digital marketing campaigns, prospecting for appointments and coaching program improvements

We are thankful for the support of our expanding global international team.

We are thankful that our clients are receiving more value than ever

Inspirational practices are a must to support all of the above, and include; early morning quiet time, prayer, meditation, journaling with late afternoon meditation and yoga classes.

My inspirational practices create an incredible amount of space for inspirational ideas; more than my amygdala and gut want me to believe the mind and the body have the capacity for.

I quit alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and sugar ages ago which interfere with inspiration and some extra sustianble fuel is required.

To support the inspiration that I receive and supplement my body and mind I drink SPORTea to keep my electrolytes up to maintain my currency connecting body, mind and spirit.

January, 2017
Karen Roberts
The Emerald Financial Group
Deerfield Beach FL

I appreciate how the coaching program takes you through a journey of introspection. With the assignments, accountability and coaching sessions I am refocused with passion on how to move forward to create sustained growth and success.



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