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#NAIFA Performance + Purpose San Antonio – 3 Proven Strategies To Crack The Income Code

Simon Reilly | September 10, 2018 | Filed: NAIFA


#NAIFA Performance + Purpose San Antonio will the 7th consecutive NAIFA National Conference for Laura and me and we are really looking forward to visiting with all of our NAIFA friends.

Please stop by and see Laura and me at booth #408 and attend my 3 Proven Strategies To Crack The Income Code presentation; Friday, September 14 – 12:45 – 1:10pm.

3 Proven Strategies To Crack The Income Code – Get Out Of Overwhelm, Create More Time, and Hire & Build A Productive Team.

Would you agree that your income flow of client and prospect opportunities is just like your smartphone; it works best when you update the operating system?

You have heard of the proverb that nature abhors a vacuum. You are either creating or stagnating as nature requires that every space be filled, whether it be positive or negative.

Research indicates 5 quintillion bites of information are created every day, 90 percent of the information in the world was created in the last two years and most people are experiencing decision fatigue.

What happens when you don’t update operating systems? Operating systems slow down and eventually become unable to attract and process new client and prospect opportunities.

Join coach, speaker and thought leader Simon Reilly and walk away with 3 Proven Strategies To Crack The Income Code.

Celine Pastore
Celine PastoreSimple Path Retirement
Palm Harbor FL
The Leading Advisor coaching program has set me on fire. I began using the tips provided in the sessions to change the language of my onboarding process and it has made an incredible difference. I have had a 60% increase over last year, in the number of families that I have the pleasure to serve. The coaching sessions and assignments have helped me to identify who I really am and how to be true to that person. In just 3 sessions the coaching program has already made an incredible difference in my business long term. It has given me the confidence to move into the future and really know how I am going to reach my next goal that I set for myself. The coaching is exactly what I need, exactly when I needed it. I look forward to continuing to improve my team with the program value adds and create sustainable long-term growth.

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