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Welcome to the Feburary 2019 edition of the Balance * Plan * Reward Newsletter.

#GAMA #LAMP March 17-20, 2019 Grapevine, TX -

This Newsletter is brief, offering some perspective on the difference between Mindset, Mindful & Self-Compassion.

Brief, in that I’m giving myself some Self-Compassion, not writing blogs which fuels newsletters, as I’m continuing to create new content in advance of speaking at GAMA LAMP in March, as well as creating an online product that will be launched later this year.

By the way, stopping writing blogs has been a real struggle for me as I’ve been writing blogs since 2005. I finally came to realize why I write; communion. It is said a true writer writes not to publish the next blog, book or PowerPoint, but because their soul will starve if they do not write.

This has been the strongest start to a year that we have ever had. It’s interesting to note that the more Self-Compassion I give myself, the more Mindful I am and the stronger the Mindset, which is attracting more and more opportunity.

Said another way, the more breathing I do, the more relaxed I am, the more rest I get, the more space is created for opportunity. The opportunity to say yes or no.

3 Keys To Understand Mindset, Mindful & Self-Compassion
Whoops, I almost did it again.

After a busy weekend, it’s 9:30 on a Monday morning and my brain is tired.

If you have read my work or have listened to me speak, you will recall that I often say that you are not your brain and you are not your body. You are far more infinite, what some refer to as a being, or a soul, depending upon your creed.

We reside in a mortal brain and body, and just like any muscle that gets overused, the muscle can get sore and feel burned or worn out.

So I stopped at 9:30 this snowy Monday morning to take a break from doing and doing and doing.

Upon reflection, I realized that I had been flat-out since 7:00 in the morning, shoveling snow, working, and preparing for meetings, so I could get out the door for an appointment with an Endodontist to repair an old root canal.

Laura and I often joke that we get a heavy snowfall on Vancouver Island about every five years. Five years is up and the Endodontist just called to say my appointment has been cancelled because they don’t have any staff.

Even though I stopped to take a break, I noticed my brain not wanting to stop the doing, the thinking, the doing, the thinking.

So rather than continuing on with a Mindset that would surely lead to burnout, I chose to be more Mindful and engaged some Self-Compassion, to return myself to my original state of being, versus thinking and doing. Click here for the Breathing Exercise I use to return myself to my original state of being versus doing.

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Thank you for the opportunity to be of service, 
Simon Reilly

Simon Reilly is an Advocis, FPA, GAMA LAMP, MDRT, NAIFA and TEDx Speaker with over 20 years of experience coaching successful Leaders, Managers and Advisors, as he helps them discover the difference between Motivation and Inspiration - Inspiration is to influence, move or guide from within based on Values; Motivation is influenced by unsustainable Unmet Needs.

The Leading Advisor Coaching Process will help you eliminate fear and the challenges you face, bringing inspiration, energy, and vision back to you and your team.

Leading Advisor offers Leaders, Managers & Advisors Coaching Programs to inspire, develop and grow to create a career of significance and become the best passionate Values based version of themselves.

The best part of working with Simon was the realization of having two hands clapping. In my day to day I have great ideas, plans and strategies, but without accountability a large portion of them tend to be unorganized, unimplemented and unsuccessful. Simon’s experience in bringing forward some tough conversations, difficult exercises and invaluable resources to open my perspective on life and business has helped me to set up a values-based foundation to move forward. Simon’s accountability and connection with me on many levels to have both of our experience coalescent into the coaching material has been an unexpected level of value.

I look forward to continuing my work with Simon to fine tune my foundation, accelerate my learning and ultimately create a smoother, sounder and more grounded business and personal life.

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