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Welcome to the February 2015 edition of the Balance * Plan * Reward Newsletter.

Sometimes It's Not About Adding More Things to Your List

Folks always say to me, you must travel a lot. Perhaps it’s because I often write my newsletters while I am traveling.

January’s newsletter was written on January 16th while returning home after speaking at the NAIFA Washington DC / NAIFA North Virginia 2015 Kick Off.

Honestly, I don't travel like Tom Hegna but as you are receiving this February newsletter, I am in Chicago speaking at NAIFA DuPage's Sales Congress in Addison, IL.  I'll be heading to Cabo San Lucas from Chicago on Friday, February 27th, and joining lovely Laura Reilly who is traveling from Vancouver for a week of rest at Rancho Pescadaro in Todo Santos. 

So what is the news? What thought leading concepts and ideas do I have to offer you around the areas of:

  • 1 - Inspiration
  • 2 - Vision / Plan
  • 3 - Information & Time Management  
  • 4 - Delegation, Hiring, Team Building
  • 5 - Financial Controls
  • 6 - Marketing & Sales
  • 7 - Customer Service

The news is all of my creative time has gone into:

  • Speaking at the NAIFA Washington DC / NAIFA North Virginia 2015 Kick Off, NAIFA Oregon Winterfest and NAIFA DuPage’s Sales Congress.
  • Working with our financial service professional clients to develop additional understanding to come from the place of Values like Empathy, Partnering and Wisdom generating Positive Feelings like Certainty, Commitment, Conviction and will fuel Positive Beliefs that their work will attract clients to create a plan, to grow, protect assets and leave a lifelong legacy.
  • MDRT ( Million Dollar Round Table ) June 2015 Book Completion, Coaching Panel, Speaking and Tradeshow Preparation. Here is the cover of The Inspirational Tipping Point Financial Services Edition.
  • Completing Items on My Empty My Bucket List which is below. The completions are crossed out.

I liken being a coach, speaker and writer to being a music artist. There are times when you have to get off of the newsletter stage and spend time on business development and creative study which is what I have been doing.

My Empty My Bucket List

  1. Complete Leading Advisor 7 Step Coaching Program to include articles, assignments and PowerPoints
  2. Complete our Financial Plan to 2062
  3. Consistently Debrief my weeks on Friday afternoons>
  4. Design and Purchase a new Leading Advisor-The Inspirational Tipping Point Trade Show Booth
  5. Hire a Backup Virtual Customer Service Assistant
  6. Hire a Consultant to upgrade our Bookkeeping Software
  7. Hire a Person Friday
  8. Hire a Virtual Speaking Marketing Assistant
  9. Hire a Virtual Writing Assistant
  10. Introduce Monthly Alumni Group Coaching
  11. Introduce Live On Site Client 1 Day Visits
  12. Produce a new Speaking Video
  13. Publish the Inspirational Tipping Point Book
  14. Publish the Inspirational Tipping Point Ebook and Video Program
  15. Segment Clients and Increase One On One Telephone Coaching Prices
  16. Speak 50 dates per year
  17. Upgrade Infusionsoft
  18. Upgrade my Information Management Systems to include Dragon Dictation, Dropbox, Evernote and Wunderlist

Sometimes it's not about adding more things to your list; rather, it is about emptying the list that you already have. To this end, one of the things that I did over our 16-day Christmas break from emails, social media and telephone calls was to take everything out of my office. The only things that went back into my office after a thorough cleaning are things that I currently use, books that are related to the financial advisor niche and mementoes.

You are the vessel through which all communication flows. If your vessel is full, there's no room for anything else. Having said this, once the 18 Items on my Empty My Bucket List are complete, there will be some Extraordinary things to add to My Supersonic Bucket List which will include:

  • European Viking River Cruise
  • Learn Martial Arts ( not for self-defense, but for the discipline and I figure this will go along well with the six years of yoga that I have underneath my belt )
  • Visit my Teachers in personal, professional and spiritual development

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service,

Simon Reilly 


Simon Reilly-Coach, Speaker, and Writer

Leading Advisor Inc Box 507 Parksville, British Columbia V9P 2G6 Canada (250) 248-6012