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Welcome to the January 2015 edition of the Balance * Plan * Reward Newsletter.

When Is The Last Time You Upgraded Your Personal Operating System?

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to present “The Psychology of the Client Interview” via the October 21, 2014 NAIFA California Statewide Brown Bag Webinar that was facilitated by NAIFA California 2014/2015 State President, Ron

It's 8:25am ET on Friday, January 16, 2015 and I'm at the Baltimore / Washington Airport awaiting a 9:30am ET flight to Toronto followed by a 12 noon ET flight to Vancouver followed by 4:15pm PT flight to Nanaimo.

I'm returning home after speaking at the NAIFA Washington DC /NAIFA North Virginia 2015 Kick Off held at the prestigious Congressional Golf & Country Club.

As an aside, Santa Clause got Laura and I Gaiters and Rain Pants for Christmas so that we could go Snow Shoeing on Mt. Washington on Vancouver Island. Here is a picture of Laura taken on Saturday, January 17, 2015 on Mt. Washington.

One of the topics that NAIFA Washington DC / NAIFA North Virginia wanted me to talk about was how to make the best of Opportunity and Change and here is portion of what I opened my speaking presentation with;

Thank you for the opportunity to speak at the NAIFA Washington DC / NAIFA North Virginia 2015 Kick Off.

What happened in August of 2007?

"Economic Armageddon" said one member of the audience.

The beginnings of the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis.

That started on Wall Street, that flowed through to Main Street and most every Real Estate Street in the USA, economic growth slowed and there was a lot of fear and uncertainty.

But things were a lot different in Canada as Canadian Banks were not invested in Sub-Prime Mortgages.  Canada's Main Street, Real Estate Street, economic growth and on Par Dollar with the USA Dollar was less affected and Canada's resource economy just kept plugging along.

In 2009, Canada's Finance Minster advised Canadian Business to start reinvesting in equipment, infrastructure and growth as this is what was happening in the USA and that the Canadian economy could get left behind.

So now it is 2015, and while the world is not out of the economic woods, it appears that the tables have turned to a degree as the USA's economic growth rate doubled Canada’s in the last quarter of 2014.

While Canada's Federal Debt is far less per capita than that of the USA Federal Debt and while Canada operated with a budget surplus in 2014, things are far less rosy in The Great White North with;

  • Canada's Finance Minister holding the release of the Budget until the Market settles down
  • Deutsche Bank forecasting a 30% drop in Canadian Real Estate prices
  • Target shutting down all 133 Canadian Stores
  • The Canadian Dollar dropping to $.84 US
  • The Price of Oil dropping to less than $50 a barrel


I am not an Economist, the CBC, CNN or Fox News.

What I can tell you for sure is that you have to stand guard on your consciousness every single day, every single hour to be aware of what is being fed into your Personal Operating System and pay attention to the economy between your ears and what is in your heart.

Talking about Operating Systems ...

How many of you have the iPhone 6? What Operating System is your iPhone 6 using? Apples  iOS 8.

How many of you have the Galaxy? What Operating System is your Galaxy using? The Android, Android KitKat overlaid with Samsung's TouchWiz.

How many of you have the BlackBerry? What Operating System is your BlackBerry? Blackberry’s 10.

When Is The Last Time You Upgraded Your Personal Operating System?

Your Personal Operating System consists of written;

  • Values
  • Vision
  • Purpose
  • Mission
  • Business Plan
  • Budget Cash Flow System
  • Time Management System
  • Delegation System

What is the cost of not updating your Personal Operating System?

Your consciousness and in the absence of a Personal Operating System, fear.

To help you get your New Year off to a strong start, please click to help you to create your:

In closing, I leave you with this Social Media post from Friday, January 16, 2015 along with a quote from Stephen Pressfield.

In my travels people say to me "you must travel a lot". I say no not really, as in my mind, I'm home for months at a time. Just now, feeling extraordinary reflecting that we have had an outstanding week with new USA coaching and speaking clients while I've traveled 50% of the week with 2:30am and 4:30am wake ups to pull it off. Honesty, what really pulled it off is the compounded results of elimination of alcohol, caffeine, salt & sugar, and consistent cardio, meditation & yoga plus the great team of Amie, Deanne, Jama, Kim and Liz and the love and support of my loving wife Laura.

“Avoid resistance at all cost. Resistance is an all-encompassing term for what Freud called Death Wish. Resistance cannot be reasoned with. It understands one thing. Power. Resistance takes on the form of drugs, shopping, TV, gossip, alcohol, drugs, and the consumption of all products containing alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, fat, salt and sugar. The greatest danger is Resistance knows when the finish line is in site and it will throw out one final assault.” - Stephen Pressfield - The War Of Art

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May you meet and exceed your goals in 2015.

Simon Reilly 


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