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Welcome to the September 2016 edition of the Balance * Plan * Reward Newsletter.

Simon RileyThe 2016 NAIFA Performance + Purpose Conference in Las Vegas was an incredible success for Laura and I with the opportunity to add value to our NAIFA family and friends through connections, conversations, exhibiting and speaking.

The July newsletter, A 6 Year NAIFA Membership Success Story – Part 1 and August newsletter, A 6 Year NAIFA Membership Success Story – Part 2 left off with me heading to NAIFA Iowa in July to co-facilitate a Membership Workshop with NAIFA Iowa Executive Director, Michele Clarke.

The Membership Workshop was similar to what I delivered to NAIFA Ohio in February 2016 and NAIFA New Mexico in June 2016.

The Membership Workshop that I co-facilitated with Michele was a hit!

Here’s the feedback from Greg and Steve, NAIFA Iowa Board Members:

“I liked the one-on-one engagement question session, hearing about how to get rid of my ‘backseat driver’ and the flexibility of Simon’s workshops. I learned tools to help me strategize a membership plan.” 
Greg Johnson
Johnson Insurance

“Simon’s fact finder is transferable to NAIFA enrollment and client discovery. It’s a great way to discover what is important to others! I gained a deeper awareness of my values, beliefs and feelings.”
Steve Dewer
Financial Decisions Group

As a result, the Membership Workshop material that I created for NAIFA Ohio, New Mexico & Iowa is going to be used by NAIFA National in a new NAIFA Membership Sales System.

May this bring future opportunities to service NAIFA National and create the opportunity to deliver the Live Membership Workshop to NAIFA Boards on a State and Local Level. I envision delivering the Membership Workshop the day before speaking at State and Local Conferences / Sales Congresses delivering The Inspirational Tipping Point / The One Page Business Plan speaking presentations.

This newsletter is short as I’m investing the energy and inspiration garnered off of NAIFA P+P along with the content from the Membership Workshops into a series of articles called Membership Workshop Minutes to help inspire NAIFA State and Local Boards to increase NAIFA Membership.

Creating and delivering the Membership Workshop is going to be a tremendous win/win for NAIFA and the clients that we serve, as the Membership Process is akin to both Recruitment and Sales.

Just now I am at the Las Vegas airport. Laura has already left for Victoria, BC via Seattle. I’m flying from the NAIFA P+P to speak at the Sacramento NAHU event on September 21st, returning home the same day from a 12 day speaking road trip that included speaking at NAIFA Memphis on September 13th.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service,

Simon Reilly


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