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One Page Business Plan™

More Profit, Less Time, Less Effort

Introducing the One Page Business Plan™ Coaching Program

You’re busy.  Too busy to deal with long, drawn out business plans that no one will take the time to read.

Enter The One Page Business Plan™.  In no time you’ll be crafting a clear, concise, and understandable business plan using template key words and short phrases.

It’s fast, easy and profit generating.

“If you don’t get the words right, you might build the wrong business and may never get the numbers right.”

In a nutshell the One Page Business Plan™ comes down to these 5 elements:

  • Vision – What are you building?
  • Mission – Why does your business exist?
  • Objectives – What result will we measure?
  • Strategies – How will we build this company?
  • Action Plans – What is the work to be done?

The One Page Business Plan™ Coaching Program is the ultimate in convenience too, because you can take it via:

One Page Business Plan Webinars

Announcing Leading Advisor’s One Page Business Plan™ Corporate Webinars!

One Page Business Plan Workshop

Fact: Getting all of your Advisors’ brilliant ideas to move in the same direction can sometimes be like herding cats.

One Page Business Plan Telephone Coaching

Telephone coaching makes constructing a One Page Business Plan™ more doable than ever, taking logistics and geography out of the equation.

One Page Business Plan Live Coaching

This is the express elevator to the top.  It’s the opportunity to fix what isn’t working or take your practice to the next level.
Leading Advisor Welcome Video

“The One Page Business Plan™ has helped me to clarify my goals and objectives by providing me with the structure to think about them and then write them down.

The process also forces me to become accountable and get more excited about what 2011 and beyond will look like. This method has made me focus and led me to use the law of attraction which states…”write it down if you want it to happen!!”

Yvan Brazeau, CFP
Eclipse Financial
Timmins, ON

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To determine if the One Page Business Plan™ Coaching Programs are right for you:

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