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One Page Business Plan™ Corporate Webinars

Announcing Leading Advisor’s One Page Business Plan™ Corporate Webinars!

“If you don’t get the words right, you might build the wrong business and may never get the numbers right.”

Who should attend?

Do your Advisors:

  • Have too many scattered ideas?
  • Need to focus on a few ideas?
  • Need to jumpstart their business right now?
  • Have no time or interest in writing a 50 page business plan?
  • Need to determine if they’re focusing on the right things?
  • Need an effective blueprint to keep themselves and their team focused?

Consider a fresh, simple approach to business planning

The One Page Business Plan™ will enable your Advisors to focus on what is important – a powerful tool for building and managing a business.  It’s short, it’s concise, and it delivers results quickly and effectively.

There can be no question as to where your Advisors business is headed when it is in writing, especially when they have the key essentials about growing their business clearly specified on a single page.

Is this another ho-hum course on business planning like the ten others your Advisors have attended? No way!  I know how to capture the essence of any business in just a few minutes using the innovative key word and short phrase techniques using the One Page Business Plan™.

The One Page Business Plan™ Is Easy!

Creating a plan has never been easier than using the One Page Business Plan™. This concise process will bring new energy to your Advisors business and they’ll find great value in developing a one-year action plan that guides their business decisions and focuses their resources where they’ll be most productive over the upcoming year.

“One of the biggest things that I’ve found is I believe you treat everyone as an individual which is – anything you’ve ever shared with me, by sending me the mission vision, you are really hitting it – when you say hitting the nail on the head – you are doing that with me in every conversation we have and it gets through to me and I listen and I respect you and any of the assignments I’m doing, I’m doing because I know they are heading me in the right direction. The thing is when I met you I knew – the comfort was there.


Mathias Dimter, B.A. Econ., CSA, CFP
Freedom 55 Financial
Nanaimo, BC

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You Want To Do Something Different For The Advisors That You Work With. Don’t Wait.

Schedule a complimentary telephone coaching session with Simon Reilly or call 250 248-6012

During The Complimentary Coaching Session About Introducing The One page Business Plan™ Webinars you will learn:

  • What the One Page Business Plan™ is
  • Why the One Page Business Plan™ works
  • What the One Page Business Plan™ provides
  • How planning will benefit my business
  • The 5 essential ingredients every business plan must have to be successful.
  • The Overview for the One Page Business Plan™ Webinars schedule

These Webinars will teach attendees immediately usable business planning skills including:

  • How to concisely and effectively describe the essence of any business on just one page using key words and short phrases
  • Writing a vision statement that graphically describes what you are building in 2 sentences or less
  • Creating a mission statement that not only describes why the business exists but actually creates sales demand
  • Designing quantitative business, financial and operational objectives that drive behaviour and produce results
  • Crafting strategies that define the business models and best practices critical to your success
  • Building actionable business building project plans that describe the work to be done to implement key strategies
  • The 5 critical things you must do with your plan once it is written to assure it produces results.

The One Page Business Plan has helped me to clarify my goals and objectives by providing me with the structure to think about them and then write them down. The process also forces me to become accountable and get more excited about what 2011 and beyond will look like. This method has made me focus and led me to use the law of attraction which states…”write it down if you want it to happen!!

Yvan Brazeau, CFP

Eclipse Financial
Timmins, ON

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Why does the One Page Business Plan™ work?

It works for some very simple reasons.  First, the One Page Business Plan™ system makes capturing plans easy because it’s only one page!  There is no room for fluff and filler; it also does not require a major commitment of time.  Second, the key word and short phrase technique is very powerful because it encourages one to capture the essence of one’s thoughts without getting bogged down in the complexity of prose writing.  Also, these are your words about your business, not some computer boilerplate…so they are meaningful.

And finally, the process of committing your plan into writing means you have initiated the process of committing yourself to taking your business to the next level.

Learn how to create a blueprint for success that will leave your competitor’s in the dust and wondering where you came from!

The One Page Business Plan ™ Corporate Webinars include:

  • A constant relationship with Simon Reilly to educate, guide and hold your Advisors accountable to creating and acting upon your One Page Business Plan™
  • In advance of the webinar and coaching program … Individual advisor questionnaire to create individual buy-in and commitment
  • Special business planning system custom tailored to the financial advisor / investment advisor profession
  • A set of decisions that will install the next level of disciplines to take your Advisor’s business to the next level
  • 4 – One Page Business Plan Webinars covering Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Action Plans
  • Webinar Audio & Video Recordings – so that you can hear and view the Webinars again or in case you can’t make the live Webinars
  • Everyone participating in the One Page Business Plan™ Webinars will have a draft of his or her plan at the end of the Webinars.
  • Unlimited 24/7 E-Mail access to Simon Reilly
  • Unlimited telephone access to Simon Reilly (all calls booked through Laura Reilly (250-248-6012)
  • Weekly blogs – Information in a steady flow to keep you on track
  • Weekly e-mail progress report (automated) with reply if required – Automated to help your Advisors to stay accountable while preparing for the one-on-one and group coaching calls so there is no time wasted.
  • Monthly e-newsletter – loaded with new and exclusive information for you
  • Articles, assignments and systems on creating a vision, business planning, time management, delegation, team building, cash flow management, consultative marketing, asking for referrals, the client engagement process – All of this information is exclusive to our Program members and no one else
  • Downloads from our Knowledge Bureau – We have years of information to share
  • These value adds are also available:
  • An hour One Page Business Plan™ debriefing call with Simon Reilly
  • Detailed personalized coaching call followup e-mails and recordings

We take a complex process and make it simple!

Hundreds of satisfied participants can’t say enough about the One Page Business Plan™! They appreciate the fact that it brings focus and clarity to the planning process; that it contains all of the elements they need to successfully present their ideas to partners, associates, management, staff, banks, investors, or boards; and because it produces exactly what they need more than ever… a clear, concise business plan!

80% of the Webinars is created by attendee participation!

Using highly interactive exercises, powerful examples, and peer level exchange, attendees draft their own One Page Business Plan™ during these Webinars. This dynamic process allows participants to naturally interact with other attendees, sharing and learning from each other.

The One Page Business Plan™ works!

The One Page Business Plan™ is incredibly effective because it’s your Advisor’s plan, in their words, and not just some computer boilerplate. Keyword and short phrase techniques capture the essence of even the most complex businesses on just One Page.

Business Planning has finally been simplified to one page!

A One Page Business Plan™ can be drafted in a few hours and read in just 2 or 3 minutes!

Bankers require them. Business educators advocate them. Consultants make a living writing them. And venture capitalists won’t give you the time of day without one…but most advisors, entrepreneurs, executives, and managers can’t and won’t write them…it’s just been too difficult – until now.

These Webinars simplify business planning to just one page. Participants will leave the Webinars with a draft business plan, ready to share with partners, associates, management, staff, banks, investors, or boards!

Are you ready to have a series of webinars that will finally
move your Advisors to the next level?

Don’t wait, because your competition isn’t.

Schedule a complimentary telephone coaching session with Simon Reilly or call 250 248-6012

“I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to work with a large account if it wasn’t for him. He was there at the right time to help change my thinking on it and perspective.”


Carl Thoenen

Financial Advisor
Hazelwood, MO

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Still not sure?

The One Page Business Plan™ Corporate Webinars are about you.

These webinars are about you creating the opportunity to have all of your Advisors have their own vision and plan for success.

Many Advisors are great, but don’t have a long-term plan that they can use to refer to when it is time to make decisions.

Get a One Page Business Plan™ webinar designed specifically for your Advisors.

Don’t waste time with another “one size fits all” seminar.

Find out how powerful working with a one-on-one coach can be for your Advisors.

Have fun learning how to make more money.

Know that every Advisor has an actual, cohesive plan.

Finally live your company’s values.

What are you waiting for?

Success does not knock on your door, opportunity does.

This is your opportunity.

Still not sure?

How about something for nothing to see if this is the program for you?

Here are 4 FREE tools that will convince you that this is the plan that will finally give you the success you need:

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