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90 day goal tracking, public speaking with a 35,000 ft. plan and TV commercial will be airing starting Monday

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Have you had a Mid Life Crisis or are you on your way to the next?

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I’m re-thinking the teleclass

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Who are YOU?

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A day of celebration

I’m feeling great joy today with the completion of our updated web site.

The web site includes;

A new Speaking Section;


A Video Section that includes our upcoming Commercial on BCTV News on Global; http://www.leadingadvisor.com/video/

A New Products Section;


That includes – How Can You Receive 30 Days of One-On-One Coaching Risk Free;


Many thanks to Kim, Laura & Tina for their commitment and ongoing perseverance to see this project through.

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A great weekend in Victoria

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Speaking from 35,000 feet and Questions from a Prospective Client

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