Create Your Business Plan in 90 Minutes

With the Fastest, Easiest Tool on the Market!

Point, Click, Plan!™ is designed to help you write a clear, concise, and understandable business plan on a single page in the quickest and simplest way possible. This self-paced, interactive learning tool teaches you how to create a One Page Business Plan... as you write! It contains everything you need to craft a One Page Plan in far less time than is needed compared to any other "conventional" planning process.

“made the development of my business plan a very simple process”

“Point, Click, Plan!™ helped organize my vision, objectives, and strategies, and lay out a roadmap of what needs to be done in order for me to take my business to the next level. The template format made the development of my business plan a very simple process.”

Michael A. Healey, B.A., CFP, CLU, CHS
ZLC Financial Group
Vancouver, BC


No complicated terminology or software to learn with the Point, Click, Plan!™.

Write a plan for a company, profit center, department or program.

Point, Click, Plan!™ simplifies the business planning process. Focus on and answer questions related to the five key areas of a business plan that include:

* Vision: 

What are you building?

* Mission: 

Why does this business exist?

* Objectives:

What results will you measure?

* Strategies:

How will you build this company?

* Action Plans:

What is the work to be done?


Just follow the instructions in Point, Click, Plan!™,  read the examples and use the templates… and your business plan is only 60–90 minutes away!

View this short 5 minute video to see how easy Point, Click, Plan!™ will make writing your business plan effortless.

The best time to create your business plan is now, before the next year begins.   Have a strong vision and a set of measurable actions to pull you forward to meet and exceed your goals for next year and beyond.

Invest in the Point, Click, Plan!™ Interactive Planning Courseware & Toolkit – 1 Year Licence

Plus you will receive:


“allowed me to improve my focus and get my objectives in print”

“Point, Click, Plan!™ allowed me to improve my focus and get my objectives in print and at the same time; ask why are these objectives important. When you stop to think about your objectives and strategies and put them in writing you get clear that it is either important or it is not. In the past, I haven’t written a formal plan like using Point, Click, Plan!™ to write a One Page Business Plan. I have thought of things I want to do but I haven’t necessarily put together the official steps to do it and Point, Click, Plan!™ caused me to create clear and concise action steps. So it’s not enough to just write your objectives and strategies down. If you don’t have the steps listed, you don’t know where you’re going. The steps really help me to get clear on who’s responsible and by when and I think that’s really going to help me to meet and exceed my goals for 2012 and beyond.”

Angela Houle, B.Acc., CFP, CLU, RHU
McAuley Financial Services/ FundEX Investments
Ottawa, ON