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The Key Understandings To Return To Center From; Liar To Lover, Victim To Victor

Simon Reilly | October 2, 2018 | Filed: Personality Types


The world appears to be becoming more and more polarized.

Polarization is a sharp division between two contrasting groups or set of opinions or beliefs.

  • Black or White
  • Friend or Enemy
  • Good or Evil
  • Heart or Head
  • Extrovert or Introvert
  • Light or Dark
  • Left or Right
  • Love or Fear
  • Masculine or Feminine
  • Negative or Positive
  • Poor or Rich
  • Yang or Yin

In terms of physics, polarization restricts the vibration of light, love, heart, and communion.

As an extroverted ambivert, it has been my life’s work to understand polarization.

An ambivert is a person whose personality has a balance of both extroverted and introverted features.

  • Extroverted strengths; commitment, determination, drive
  • Introverted strengths; creativity, intuition, sense

Balance requires practice.

Growing up, not knowing that I was an extroverted ambivert was hell on earth because I was split between academia, arts, faith, sports with my fearful mind, trying to find my identity in the one thing that was going to create fulfillment, all the while not having a clue how to balance my strong extrovert and introvert.

In the absence of balance, the strong extrovert goes from;

  • Connector > Concurred
  • Lover > Liar
  • Warrior > Worrier

In the absence of balance, the strong introvert goes from;

  • Forgiveness > Vengeance
  • Intuitive > Martyr
  • Victor > Victim

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