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The Missing Link

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Industry experts agree that the key foundational pieces for a successful business are:

  • Values
  • Vision, Purpose, Mission
  • Money Management Plan
  • Time Management Plan
  • 90-day Goals
  • Action Steps
  • Project Management System

Most people, financial advisors included, don’t understand the importance of their values. Values are the DNA of the vision and the vision is the DNA of the business plan, all of which helps the financial advisor become a Leading Advisor in the industry. Without values, the entire plan will be misguided. An even greater challenge occurs when Unmet Needs dominate your values and create negative emotions and beliefs.

The problem with most personal and professional development programs is they present these steps in the wrong order. Worse, they don’t address Unmet Needs at all. That is the missing link. 

This article was originally published in Curing The Unmet Needs Disease © Simon Reilly 2008

The 34 Step Marketing Funnel – Revisited September 2009

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With the DNC List Legislation (Do Not Call List ), we all have to think of more creative ways to eliminate cold calls while working with niche marketing at the same time.

Yes this list looks intimidating. It looked that way to me five years ago. There is an expression that; “If they can’t find you on Google, you don’t exist”.

To get your name to the top page on Google, all you have to is point number 13 on the following list and have the articles publish in the publications that your niche is reading.

  1. Choose A Niche
  2. Find A Problem That Needs Solving
  3. Create A Solution Through Your Products & Services
  4. Brand Your Solution
  5. Create An Introductory Letter & Product Sales Pages
  6. Under Promise & Over Deliver To Your Clients
  7. Ask For Referrals
  8. Receive And Publish Client Testimonials
  9. Create A Referral Card
  10. Create A Web Site
  11. Publish An E-Newsletter
  12. Publish A Blog
  13. Write Articles
  14. Create Press Releases
  15. Master Viral Marketing
  16. Create A Speaking Folio
  17. Create A Show Reel
  18. Create CDs & DVDs
  19. Create Blogs
  20. Speak To 50,000 People Within The Niche At Association And Corporate Events
  21. Receive And Publish Speaking Testimonials
  22. Prospect Speaking Opportunities
  23. Get Published By A National Publication Within The Niche
  24. Exhibit At Tradeshows
  25. Write & Publish A Book
  26. Offer The First Three Chapters Of Your Book For FREE
  27. Strengthen Your Team
  28. Create Relationships With Centers Of Influence
  29. Develop Strategic Alliance Partners
  30. Attract Sponsors
  31. Integrate Facebook, Linked In, MySpace, Twitter With Your Blog
  32. Make A “knock ‘em dead” FREE Offer To Become A Client For The First Time
  33. View Your Niche From 35,000 Feet – Don’t Be Afraid To Travel Afar To Your Prospects
  34. Market, Market & Market Your Products & Services… And Never, Never Do A Cold Call Ever Again.

Clear Your Roadblocks eNewsletter – May 2009

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The Life Insurance Parable

Welcome to the May edition of our Clear Your Roadblocks E-Newsletter.

With the completion of The Six Degrees Of Life Insurance Connection PowerPoint for The Independent Financial Brokers Summit in Toronto, May 26th and May 27th, I thought I would share some of the content.

This months E-Newsletter is about…

Leading Advisor The 10 Second Elevator Speech

The 10 Second Elevator Speech is an overview of an idea for a product, service, or project.

The name reflects the fact that an elevator speech can be delivered in the time span of an elevator ride.

“Hi, I’m Simon Reilly and my company is Leading Advisor and I help financial advisors Clear Their Roadblocks.”

Leading Advisor The 60 Second Elevator Speech

My example of The 60 Second Elevator Speech is as follows;

Are you successful, yet consumed with the cumulative demands of clients, marketing, sales and personnel? Are you challenged by market-driven changes, profitability, and service requirements?

… which means that you are working long hours, have no time to relax, and are disillusioned by business systems that are not working and by a lack of enthusiasm for your business.

We offer a two month Clear Your Roadblocks Coaching Program for financial advisors that has been proven to clear the roadblocks that are holding most financial advisors back.

The benefits are more energy from working fewer hours, a balanced home life and a new revitalized vision and passion for work that will enable you to implement the 10 key strategies that are essential for the success of your business.

Would you like to know more?

A financial advisor example of The 60 Second Elevator Speech is as follows;

Are you financially stable, yet consumed with concerns about having enough money for retirement and concerned about future health care availability and costs? Are you challenged by the ups and downs in the market?

… which means that you are working longer hours, have less time to relax, and are
losing sleep about your ability to fund your family’s education and have a safe and
secure retirement?

Because things are always changing in one’s Six Degrees Of Connection, we offer
The Six Degrees Of Connection Program to help you grow and retain your assets
while taking care of an unforeseeable future.

The benefits are a more balanced life brought on by a more confident future because you are protected against unforeseen risks that would damage financial goals that you worked so hard to grow and retain.

Would you like to know more?

Leading Advisor The Referral Card

Would you like to know more?

And this is a great opportunity for you to offer a Referral Card. A Referral Card is a 3″ x 4″ high quality card, printed front and back that includes your 60 Second Elevator Speech, an outline of your services and most important, an invitation to visit your web site to subscribe to your free E-Newsletter.

Here are samples of our latest Referral Cards.

The point of your high quality oversized card is that it is less likely to be lost in that stack of other cards.

I have heard comments like, “these are absolutely beautiful” to where the person is actually taking the time to read the message on the card and the beauty of it is, I need not say a lot. The bottom line is – the card and I were both noted. And the best part? Instead of me saying, “here’s my card”, I have the pleasure of offering my card while saying “here is an invitation to subscribe to my monthly E-Newsletter called “Clear Your Roadblocks”.

This E-Newsletter was inspired by,

Angela Houle B.Acc. CFP CLU RHU
Certified Financial Planner

Advocis Ottawa Treasurer 2009
McAuley Financial Services/FundEX Investments


Enjoy the read and thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

clip_image002Simon Reilly
The Financial Advisor Coach
1 877 248 6019

Leading Advisor The Parable

They say that wisdom enters through the wound and the core of the passion to serve is based on life experience both positive and negative and the best advisors seem to have the deepest scars.

The life experience equipped them with the knowledge and the skills to pass onto other people to help them move forward.

This experience gives one something interesting to stand up and say rather than;

Hi, I’m Joe Advisor and I sell investment products and life insurance.

They use what has happened to them both personally and professionally, good and bad and use it as a catalyst to pass their experience and passion onto other people.

My example of The 60 Second Elevator Speech is as follows;

I can probably best explain why I have decided to be come a financial advisor business coach by sharing with you a defining moment in my life.

In 1994 I was the owner of a highly regarded and successful personal and professional development company.

I thought I knew all about motivation and sales.

But I lost my business. Why?

Looking back – it was simply because I didn’t pay attention to the detail and although I was always well prepared for the day ahead, I wasn’t well prepared for the year ahead.

What did I learn?

That the most important business activity I could engage in wasn’t the mastery I had achieved in marketing and sales (even I couldn’t sell my way out) – it was the planning and preparation that went into the organizational structure and systems on which my business operated.

As a result of my experience, I have dedicated the rest of my business life to help others avoid making the same mistakes.

Would you like to know more?

A financial advisor example of The 60 Second Elevator Speech is as follows;

I can probably best explain why I decided to become a financial advisor by sharing with you a defining moment in my life.

I grew up in a house that was a big believer in protecting what matters most, protecting myself, my family and my future.

So while my brother and I were just heading off to college with a stay at home mom, my dad passed away suddenly from cancer at the early age of 52.

What did I learn?

My dad was a firm believer in life insurance and his allowed us to work through the grieving and the stress without having to worry and he enabled all of our lives to
continue knowing that the financial support was there.

That the most important financial planning activity was not growing and retaining assets … it was taking care of an unforeseen risk.

As a result of my experience, I have dedicated the rest of my business life to help others to grow and retain their assets and use risk management strategies to protect against unforeseen risks that would damage financial goals that they have worked so hard to grow and retain.

Would you like to know more?

Leading Advisor The Life Insurance Parable

In my business I am constantly reviewing the plans of others because things are always changing within someone’s Six Degrees of Connection Circle of family, friends and loved ones.

I know that when one experiences a life changing diagnosis that many things run through your mind.

The one thing I never worried about was whether I would be OK financially if things went sour.

I have the ability to work through a diagnosis without financial stress.

I am passionate today about what I can offer my clients with respect to protection strategies because I have personally experienced the benefits of having them in place.

As life continues to throw curve balls within my Six Degrees of Connection Circle of family, friends and loved ones, it reinforces the ideas that were first established by my parents – protecting what matters most.

We have been dealing together for __ years with respect to your investment planning and I would like to thank you for allowing me to assist you with your retirement planning.

As you may be aware I possess the designations of a Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Life Underwriter and a Registered Health Underwriter.

We have never discussed in depth how these designations can help you so with your permission I would like to spend some time as to why I pursued these designations.

Up to this point we have dealt primarily with planning for your income in retirement.

A critical part of my role as a financial advisor is to ensure that we discuss risk management strategies that can be established to protect your goals.

If we work together simply under my ‘investment advisor’ hat and all goes as planned then you will reach retirement and be able to enjoy all the funds that you have accumulated.

However, the reason that I possess the designations that I do is to enhance the planning that I can offer you and avoid planning issues.

These planning issues are important to review since I know there are a few situations that could arise over the course of our investment planning years to derail even the best laid plans towards your retirement goals.

It is important for us to review together your current plans and the plans that could exist to protect you in the case of premature death, inability to work for an extended period of time and what you would like to occur if your family suffers a critical illness.

The one thing that I can tell you for sure about illness, and I am sure you will agree, is that it is completely random.

No one can predict for certain who will be struck with a life changing illness at any one moment.

I recently prepared my own personal Six Degrees Of Connection Circle to see just how random and unpredictable illness can be.

All my cousins are healthy except I have one cousin on my father’s side that died at the age of 44 from a heart attack.

At many accidents, illnesses and deaths I found myself uttering …

“Why her, why him and even what if it happens to me?

With the good lifestyle that they lead and the fact that they were such a good person”.

Illness doesn’t care about those issues – it is simply random.

I have asked myself the following question;

“If I can’t control who will get an illness or pass away prematurely what can I control?”

The answer to this question was simple – I can ensure the plans are in place to protect the families going through this life changing experience.
I can ensure that my clients are given the opportunity to change financial concerns to financial protection because quite frankly they deserve it.

The time to consider protection against the unpredictable is when we have the little voice inside our head that says – “It won’t happen to me”. Once that statement has changed to “Why me/him/her?” it is too late.

Can I ask for your permission to the gather the necessary information to provide you with an individual analysis of the protection strategies that matter most to you and your family?

* * *
Thank you to Chris Barrow for your coaching on The Elevator Speech, Referral Card and The Parable.

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