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The Questions That Came Up Yesterday

Simon Reilly | March 17, 2005 | Filed: Uncategorized

During yesterday’s coaching calls, I recorded some questions that I asked over the course of the day.

Are you doing $10 per hour work?

Do you have a vision of your business from 35,000 feet?

Are you structuring your schedule and putting yourself first?

Where are you spending most of your time? Creating the perfect vision or taking action on your 90 day goals?

What else are you doing to get your personal needs met besides what you are doing in your business to get your personal needs met?

How can you “not” get a job today? Meaning, are you working on your business or in your business?

What are you not being authentic about?

Are you running your business or is your business running you?

“How do you do it all?” A client asked me this question and thought that I must be a workaholic to be able to do everything that I do.

Without sounding defensive I replied that I have balance in my life. Here is an example of Tuesday;

* 6am ?Ǭ? hour of cardio and ?Ǭ hour of stretching
* 8am morning walk
* 1pm 1 hour workout with Laura and Dayna
* 6pm TV Amazing Race
* 7pm TV Super Nanny
* 8pm evening walk with Laura and Chase
* 9pm started reading The Da Vinci Code

See, I even lazed about in front of the TV watching the best shows on TV! 🙂

We came to the conclusion that the volume of work that is being done is centered on and supported by a number of things;

* a vision that is bigger than me and my ego
* waking up at 5am enthusiastically – my bitching ego stopped long ago! 🙂
* daily focused action steps on 90 day goals
* working with an incredible team – Laura, Laurie, Tina, Kimberly, Dayna, Karen, Simon along with two great coaches.
* commitment and consistency – winners never quit and quitters never win
* doing professional and personal development for over 20 years

“Success is few simple disciplines practiced every single day” – Jim Rohn

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