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17 Thought Leading Ideas For A Strong Start September

Simon Reilly | August 22, 2018 | Filed: Marketing

thought leading ideas

These 17 Thought Leading Ideas are from research that I did and blogged about over 10 years ago when I was writing my first book.

These ideas have been a beacon for me over the summer months as I’ve been devoting all of my spare time to deconstructing Simon Reilly, Leading Advisor, products, product delivery, and marketing.

Resurrection to follow early 2019.

These 17 Thought Leading Ideas still hold true and will continue to hold true for the next millennia and beyond.

  1. Create a step by step plan that includes: preparation, order, patience, endurance, acting in the face of fear and failure – no excuses.
  2. Avoid resistance at all cost. Resistance is an all-encompassing term for what Freud called Death Wish. Resistance cannot be reasoned with. It understands one thing. Power. Resistance takes on the form of drugs, shopping, TV, gossip, alcohol, drugs, and the consumption of all products containing alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, fat, salt and sugar. The greatest danger is Resistance knows when the finish line is in site and it will throw out one final assault.
  3. We will likely never heal from pain. As the athlete does, learn to play hurt.
  4. Understand delayed gratification. Give the stars time to align with your decision, keep yourself from flaming out in each individual work.
  5. The Professional does not identify with their work. Your creativity and your work are something that God gave you. You are not your work.
  6. Evolution has programmed us to feel fear in our guts. The tribe enforced obedience by the threat of expulsion. Fear of Rejection is in our cells! Fear of public scrutiny.
  7. Maintain your sovereignty over the moment. ( Be present. ) Focus on what you have to do, right here, right now.
  8. Power derives from our fear of it. It is bully and will back down. Don’t feed fear by giving it a face and label.
  9. Work every day and it will magnify your work. Ideas will follow.
  10. When one commits themselves then providence does too.
  11. Learn that things that you think are nothing, as weightless as air, are actual powerful substantial forces, as real and as solid as earth.
  12. The ego hates the self because when we put our consciousness in the self, the ego is out of business.
  13. If we were born to overthrow ignorance, it is our job to realize it and get down to business.
  14. What do I feel growing inside me? Bring it forth.
  15. Do the work as an offering to God.
  16. We are servants of the mystery.
  17. Know that you are not the source of the creations that you bring into being.

These are 17 Thought Leading Ideas that stood out to me from Steven Pressfield’s book; The War Of Art.

Beth Beasley
Beth BeasleyPeckinpaugh & Beasley
Muncie, IN
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