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19 Steps To Create Intentional Buffer Days To Be A Time Management Victor versus Victim

Simon Reilly | November 29, 2018 | Filed: Time Management

Create Intentional Buffer Days To Be A Time Management Victor versus Victim

Buffer Day – a day to work on the business versus in it

Intention – a thing intended; an aim or plan.

Laura and I are about to leave Seattle on October 21st heading to Austin where we will be exhibiting, and I’ll be speaking at the WIFS National Conference October 24-26.

September and October have been busy for us exhibiting and speaking at Freedom 55 in Ottawa, IFB in Ottawa, IFB in Saskatoon, NAIFA in San Antonio, and WIFS in Atlanta.

We were blessed to be at home on Vancouver Island June, July and August providing 20 Buffer Days to complete the writing of our new Online Product to launch this spring.

The next Online Product actions steps are writing and filming the video intros.

Getting back into the usual routine of coaching and speaking in September and October hasn’t allowed me the time to work on the Online Product. However, the last Online Product action that I did in August was to plan Buffer Days for October, November and December.

I’ve three Buffer Days planned to dedicate to our Online Product for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, October 29, 30 and 31.

I want to Create Intentional Buffer Days for these days.

Intentional Buffer Days are days when I have Space for a project like creating an online course.

Here are my Advance Steps and Steps During Intentional Buffer Days to best use the Buffer Days for the Online Product to be a Time Management Victor versus Victim;

Advance Steps;

  1. Celebrate Intentional Buffer Days are scheduled for Online Product creating; October 29 – 31 and November 26 – 30!
  2. Review Business and Personal Areas Of Life October 21 – November 9 to identify what must be prepared for these dates in advance of these dates so that they are not interrupted
  3. Review schedule for October 21 – November 9 to identify what must be prepared in advance of these dates so that they are not interrupted
  4. Identify what can be Delegated
  5. Delegate to Amie, Deanne, Kim, Laura, Susan or Tracy.
  6. Identify what must be completed by me
  7. Estimate the time for me to complete
  8. Schedule the time for me to complete in already pre-scheduled Buffer Days November 4, 9, 13, 15, December 3, 10 & 16.

Steps During;

  1. Check email at 7 am, noon and 5 pm
    • Answer emails that can be answered in 2 minutes
    • Answer emails advising receipt of email and when email request will be completed – Schedule in future Buffer Days
  2. Advise Team of Buffer Days / No Interruptions
  3. Close office door
  4. Listen to Brainwave Binaural Programs using Bose Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones
  5. Turn off email
  6. Turn off phone
  7. Refocus on creating online course project list
  8. Note and celebrate progress made every hour
  9. Breathe or Stretch every hour
  10. Walk 2 miles at lunch
  11. Note and celebrate accomplishments at end of each day

Mary Hunt
Mary HuntMary Hunt Agency LLC
Pagosa Springs CO
When I first saw Simon speak at NAIFA ALC in Colorado I knew he would be different, however, I didn’t expect the coaching program to be as efficient as it is. From the first session with Simon we worked together to get to the root of what was happening in my business and put actions and accountability in place to move me forward. Through his Clearing exercises and homework, I now have insight, closure and resolve and have created behaviors that are growing my business stronger, resilient and more profitable.  

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