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How Will You Self-Actualize / Self-Transcend Your Business From July – December 2017?

Simon Reilly | June 27, 2017 | Filed: Practice Management

Transcend Your Business

To Self-Actualize / Self-Transcend one is required to stop in the Present and give thanks for the Past to Realize the Future.

I’ve come to realize that I am more interested in realizing success than making it happen.

  • Self-Actualize represents a concept derived from Humanistic psychological theory and, specifically, from the theory created by Abraham Maslow. Self-actualization, according to Maslow, represents growth of an individual toward fulfillment of the highest needs; those for meaning in life, in particular.
  • Self-Transcend is the overcoming of the limits of the individual self and its desires in spiritual contemplation and realization.

It’s 2:30 PM on Monday, June 26 and this is our first day in the office after Laura and I returned from a three-week speaking trip from June 4 to June 24. I have completed the musts for the day that included reviewing client communications for the past three weeks to make sure that nothing had fallen through the cracks, returning a few client emails and preparing for coaching calls for the week. I’m sitting on our back patio writing this blog.

I always do a Quarterly Review at the end of every Quarter and here are our results. This is easy to do when one follows this process on a Quarterly basis and our First Quarter Review Highlights are included at the bottom.

Thank you to Amie, Deanne, Kim, Laura and Tracy for making all of these results possible.

Second Quarter Review Highlights included;

  • Enjoyed more heartfulness and mindfulness through the process of breathing, meditation, prayer and yoga.
  • Planted flowers
  • Said no to purchasing a Hilton Points Timeshare
  • Scheduled a Family Cruise Holiday to Alaska
  • Added thought leading ideas to the membership workshops that I delivered for NAIFA Florida, NAIFA Indiana and NAIFA Illinois
  • Completed a 21-day speaking trip with Laura – a business, personal and speaking milestone
  • E1 Visa and Nexus renewed
  • Hired a Virtual Scheduler
  • Made a significant difference to both the business and personal lives of our clients
  • Said no to an exhibiting and speaking opportunity
  • Said yes to speaking at NAIFA SW Colorado and NAIFA Missouri
  • Spoke at Advocis Edmonton
  • Spoke at NAIFA Virginia and NAIFA Wyoming
  • Spoke and delivered membership workshops for NAIFA Florida, NAIFA Indiana and NAIFA Illinois

Jim Rohn said; Success is a few simple disciplines practised every single day.

Most of the First Quarter Review Highlights were re-created in the Second Quarter because success is a few simple disciplines practised every single day

First Quarter Review Highlights included;

  • Blogged Off in March
  • Cash flow / profitability – good
  • Client investment in one year agreements payable in advance
  • Client new prospects – good
  • Client new sales – good
  • Client retention/satisfaction increased
  • E1 Visa renewal paperwork completed
  • Glamping holiday in Todos Santos
  • Infusionsoft database reporting reorganized track clicks/opens to; export to Maximizer, prioritize for new email and phone follow up
  • Leading Advisor Team Coaching implementation
  • Married happily for 13 years
  • NAIFA Membership Sales System Contribution and Webinars
  • Speaking presentations booked – 9
  • Speaking presentations for NAIFA Toledo and Underwriters Marketing Services successfully delivered
  • USA Accounting completed
  • Writing started on new email coaching campaign

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