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Two Million Dollar Case Stop Loss

Simon Reilly | November 29, 2017 | Filed: Client Emails

Two Million Dollar Case

The following is a portion of an email I sent to one of my clients after a conversation we had about them being unsuccessful with a new Two Million Dollar Case:

  • There is no competition on Two Million Dollar Cases; it’s only in your mind.
  • Please complete the attached assignment that will help you to understand why you attracted and lost the Two Million Dollar Case.
  • The loss of the Two Million Dollar Case does not mean you are only meant to work with clients with One Million Dollars or less.
  • Not getting this Two Million Dollar Case is a rite of passage for you to strengthen yourself to go to the next level.
  • To go to the next level with Two Million Dollar Cases, you are going to need to improve your boundaries and your qualification process via the following;
    • Ask the prospect:
      • What’s most important to you in working with a financial advisor?
      • Why aren’t you dealing with a big bank?
      • Who do your family and friends invest with, and why aren’t you dealing with them?
    • Request both spouses be involved in the process, especially when there is a Two Million Dollar Case involved. If only one spouse is engaged it would stand to reason that one spouse is doing the shopping and the other one is not as engaged as they should be. If you cannot engage the other spouse there isn’t any point in investing your time and energy.
    • Request a $1,500 fee for doing the plan which would be refundable in the event the prospect does business with you.
    • Give the prospect references and let them know you expect them to check the references.
    • Request that the prospect come back with the reference check complete, a cheque for $1500, and the information you require before any work is started.



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