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Will Your Prospective Client Know Who You Are When You Call?

Simon Reilly | August 25, 2011 | Filed: Sales & Marketing, Social Media

There is so much talk about Social Media it is overwhelming and I can see that a financial advisor or an investment advisor could easily get overwhelmed with all of the instant social media experts that are out there.

I see marketing / social media as this way from the bottom up:

3) Social Media 2.0
2) Social Media 1.0
1) Marketing 1.0

I believe you need to have a strong foundation in marketing 1.0 before you can go onto social media 1.0 and social media 2.0. In a way it is like trying to create a brand for a business with first knowing your values to build a vision and business plan on.

Here are the points of Social Media 2.0, Social Media 1.0 and Marketing 1.0.

In my view, don’t bother getting into social media unless you have the basics in marketing 1.0.

Marketing 1.0

  • Brand Your Business with the One Page Business Plan & Sentence Stems
  • Segment Your Clients
  • Profile Your Ideal Client
  • Choose Your Niche
  • Prospect Your Ideal Clients With Drip Marketing
  • The Attraction Marketing Program
  • The Elevator Speech
  • The Referral Card
  • The Parable
  • Find Your Client’s Problems & Solve Them
  • COI & Strategic Alliance Marketing
  • Articles & Press Releases
  • Market Yourself Through Speaking
  • The Speaking Folio
  • Seminar Marketing Systems
  • Simplify The Testimonial Process
  • Write & Publish Your Book

Social Media 1.0

  • Set The Stage for your Website, E-Newsletter & Blog

Social Media 2.0

  • Simplify FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter

The whole point of Social Media 2.0, Social Media 1.0 and Marketing 1.0 is so that clients will know who you are when you call them because the financial services is still a relationship business and you have to take some action to form some real personal interaction.

Do your social media, but do the fundamentals first.

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