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We Love Working With Women Financial Services Professionals

Simon Reilly | April 18, 2018 | Filed: From Laura's Desk

We love working with women financial services professionals and here is what they have to say. – Laura Reilly


Julie Hale-Miller | Leading Advisor
April, 2018

Julie Hale-Miller
Country Financial
Chatham IL

The Leading Advisor Coaching Program is truly a unique and engaging experience for anyone that decides to challenge themselves to work alongside Simon & Laura. After working through the homework and coaching sessions I am the most appreciative of the fact that the program allows me to use my faith through the process verses it being secular. After only a few sessions I can see myself starting to shift. I realize now that all of my learning and experiences up to this point have truly prepared me for this program and everything being tied together. The program has pushed my boundaries and even though I may not embrace change at the same pace as some, with the respectful, understanding and holistic approach I can now easily bring about sustainable change.


Celine Pastore | Leading Advisor
March, 2018

Celine Pastore
Simple Path Retirement
Palm Harbor FL

The Leading Advisor coaching program has set me on fire. I began using the tips provided in the sessions to change the language of my onboarding process and it has made an incredible difference. I have had a 60% increase over last year, in the number of families that I have the pleasure to serve. The coaching sessions and assignments have helped me to identify who I really am and how to be true to that person. In just 3 sessions the coaching program has already made an incredible difference in my business long term. It has given me the confidence to move into the future and really know how I am going to reach my next goal that I set for myself. The coaching is exactly what I need, exactly when I needed it. I look forward to continuing to improve my team with the program value adds and create sustainable long-term growth.


Sue Ianniello | Leading Advisor
February, 2018

Sue Ianniello
New York Life Insurance Company
Stratford CT

The Leading Advisor coaching program has been beneficial in recreating a functioning team which in turn creates sustainable success throughout the company. I did not expect that the assignments, or the coaching program, would be as in-depth in strengthening myself from the inside-out. The take-a-ways from the first few coaching sessions will be tools I can use over and over for continuous grow in myself and my business for years to come.


Karen Roberts | Leading Advisor
January, 2018

Karen Roberts
The Emerald Financial Group
Deerfield Beach FL

I appreciate how the coaching program takes you through a journey of introspection. With the assignments, accountability and coaching sessions I am refocused with passion on how to move forward to create sustained growth and success.


Renia Holley | Leading Advisor
November, 2017

Renia Holley
Country Financial
Neoga IL

Working through the Leading Advisor coaching program has brought me clarity and focus and has given me the resources to continuously minimize distractions that are taking me away from my true vision. The one-on-one coaching helped me to clear out old issues from my head and life that were really holding me back. Working through the Clearing process was not something I expected from a business coaching program but one I will value moving forward. The process the program takes you through and the space and peace it provides is invaluable. There is one month left in the year and I am not panicked about how the year will finish. I already know. I know my plan, it’s in place, it’s written, and I am looking forward to a successful new year. The best part of the coaching is that the tools and resources that have brought me to this place can be used each and every year to continuously bring me clarity and success.


Karen Rutledge | Leading Advisor
November, 2017

Karen Rutledge
Karen Rutledge Ins. Agency Inc.
Joplin, MO

I’ve always wanted to be the person that people could rely on for structure and to be a source in helping them get over whatever hurdles they have in their lives. Through a few coaching sessions, I have come to the realization that I am in the position right now both personally and professionally to be this source of structure to help others reach and exceed their goals. Above all else, the coaching program has helped me to stay focused. Stay focused on appreciating myself and appreciating others. Although I have received value from all of the assignments and accountability so far in my coaching program, my favorite tool is the Clean Sweep. This resource is one of the most direct activities I have seen to keep a person focused on removing chaos in our world today and carve the space to focus on items that truly matter, building a successful business and personal foundation.


Nnenne Ikejiani | Leading Advisor
August, 2017

Nnenne Ikejiani
Freedom 55 Financial
Edmonton AB

Simon’s coaching is waking me up. I feel like I’ve been dormant for so long, I’ve been hiding for so long, for Simon to give me the insight of ‘Hey, this is possible’, has been the greatest part of the coaching program. I have the skills and resources now to understand when I am taking things seriously and bring them back to the moment I’m in. I never expected for Simon to help me realize that I have a wonderful story to tell and that I can tell it so that people can benefit from it. I am thankful for Simon having the insight to bring this forward and help me to grow both personally and professionally.

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